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Chapter 8: Just a Quantum Leap

I am not talking about Sufism, that is true. I talk Sufism, not about Sufism! I am a Sufi, so whatsoever I say is Sufism. I am not giving you steps to move to the beyond, I am simply making my own experience available to you. I am simply sharing my being with you. This is not a message, it is a sharing. It is not a teaching, it is imparting. Being with me can reveal to you that nothing has to be achieved, that all goals are false, that all is already achieved.

I don’t want you to become enlightened. I declare that you are enlightened! But you are not courageous enough; you say, “How can I be enlightened? I will have to wait. Some day I will become enlightened.” You are so cowardly - that’s why you need time even to recognize your godhood. You have condemned yourself so much that you cannot conceive that you can be godly. Because you cannot conceive that you can be godly, you cannot conceive how Buddha can be godly, how Christ can be godly.

When Christ declares “I am God,” he’s simply saying to you, “You are godly. Look! I have the courage to declare. You also participate. See the point. I am as much of the flesh as you are, I am as much the body as you are.” There is nothing special about Christ; the only special thing is his courage, otherwise he is just like you. I am just like you; the only thing is that I respect myself and you don’t respect yourself, I love myself and you don’t love yourself.

You are also very suspicious about why I call myself “Osho.” There are questions: “Why?” Because I am! And you are also, but you are not courageous. This buddhafield is being created so that you can gather courage, so that you can become bold, so that you can say things as they are and you can see things as they are. I’m not supplying you with any ladder. You would like it very much, because then you could postpone. I am simply saying to you, “Jump.and be! Have a quantum leap.”

There are not stations between you and godliness. The moment you are concentrated in your courage, suddenly the gestalt changes - godliness is revealed in millions of forms. And the moment you become godly, the whole existence becomes godly. If somebody says “I am godly and you are not godly,” then he is a cheat, he is a charlatan, he is playing a game, he is on an ego-trip.

The second question:

Since returning to Pune two weeks ago I feel myself becoming attached to you. Before, I never gave much thought to how long you would remain in your body but now I want you to stay for a long time.
I am thinking of you in my future as I have with so many of my other attachments. I feel the desire to be in your physical presence rather than feel you with me in the West very strongly.
Is this a step a disciple goes through in coming closer to a master, or is something going wrong that I need be aware of?

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