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Chapter 46: Energy Moves Better When It Is Warmer

The Bible says God created man in his own image. Just looking at this statement, it does not need much intelligence to see the utter stupidity of it. The man that you know, is this man the image of God? And if this is the image of God, you cannot expect anything better from God. No, the statement is not right, and is not in any way respectful towards God either. It is disrespectful, condemnatory. It is as if somebody says, “Man created buffaloes in his own image.”

God created man in his own image? This is his reflection - all these jealousies, all these miseries, all these despairs, anguish, anxieties, wars, murders, rapes? The list is infinite. This is the image of God, this is his reflection in the mirror?

So firstly, the statement is very disrespectful and irreligious.

Secondly, it is untrue. The truth is that man created God in his own image. God has not created man, it is man who has created God. That’s why there are hundreds of gods in the world - because different people created different kinds of god, according to their own idea. A Chinese god will not appeal to anybody else, and nobody else’s idea of God will appeal to the Chinese because they are a different race of man with differences which are very clear-cut. They don’t grow thick beards or mustaches - the beard, maybe you can count one dozen hairs, more than that is simply wild. They are the civilized people of the world, according to themselves. Their god also has those one dozen hairs in his beard. Hindu gods don’t have any beard, don’t have any mustache. No religion born in India - Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism.. It seems that Hindu gods started shaving from the very beginning. It seems first they created the razor. It is all nonsense that first there was the word and God was with the word and God was the word - nonsense! There was first a razor! And God was with the razor, and God was shaving himself, finding nobody else to shave.

I inquired of Hindu scholars, “Why do your gods not have beards or mustaches?” And it is not one god, it is all the gods - and India has the biggest number of gods, thirty-three million. That was exactly the population of India when these gods were being developed. Why be miserly and why create a monopolistic god? Why make a god like Adolf Hitler? They create a very democratic situation - everybody can have his own god.

They were not aware that one day India will have nine hundred million people. They were thinking that this is too much - thirty-three million, we have reached the limit; but even nine hundred million is not the limit. By the end of this century India will have the greatest population in the whole world. China will be left far behind.

China’s estimate for the end of the century is one point two billion.

India’s estimate is one point eight billion.

But all these gods in one thing are similar, they are without mustache, without beard. What is the problem? This can happen only if they are missing some hormones. It happens once in a while that you will find a man who has no beard, no mustache, and it does not grow and there is no need for him to use a razor. He is missing particular hormones which are needed for the growth of the beard and the mustache.

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