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Chapter 44: Session 44

I was wondering yesterday how God created this world in six days. I was wondering, because I have not yet been able to even go beyond the second day of my primary school. And what a world he created! Perhaps he was a Jew, because only Jews have circulated the idea.

Hindus don’t believe in a God, they believe in many gods. In fact, when they first conceived the idea, they counted exactly as many gods as there were Indians - at that time I mean. At that time too they were not a small population; thirty-three crores, that means three hundred and thirty million, or it may not be so. But it will give you some idea of the Hindus. They believed that each single individual had to have a god of his own. They were not dictatorial, very democratic, in fact too much so - I mean the previous Hindus.

Thousands of years have passed since they conceived the idea of a parallel divine world, with as many beings as there were on earth. And they did a great job. Even to count three hundred and thirty million gods.and you don’t know the Hindu gods! They are everything that a human being can be - very cunning, mean, political, in every way exploitative. But somehow, somebody at least managed to have a census.

Hindus are not theistic in the Western sense. They are pagans; but they are not pagans as Christians want to use the word. Pagan is a valuable word, it should not be allowed to be misused by the Christians, Jews and Mohammedans. These three religions are all basically Jewish; whatsoever they say, their foundations were laid down long before Jesus was born, and Mohammed was heard. They are all Judaic.

Of course the God you have heard about is a Jew, he cannot be otherwise. That’s where the secret lies. If he were a Hindu, he himself would have fallen into three hundred and thirty million pieces, what to say of creating a world? Even if there was already a world, these three hundred and thirty million gods would have been enough to destroy it.

The Hindu god - no such word can be used because there are only “gods” in Hinduism, not a god - is not a creator. He himself is part of the universe. By he I mean the three hundred and thirty-three million gods. I have to use your word, he, but Hindus always use “that.” “That” is a big umbrella, you can hide as many gods in it as you want. Even the unwanted ones can have a little space at the back. It is almost like a circus tent - vast, big and capable of having every kind of god that can be imagined.

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