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Chapter 12: Live Now, Pray Later

We know - I have told you - Parasurama murdered his own mother, and you say there was no crime? Parasurama was one of the incarnations of God. And not only did he murder his own mother, but his father ordered it. The father must have been like an ordinary, mediocre husband, who is always suspicious. Perhaps he was getting old and impotent, and the wife was young and beautiful, and he was suspicious. And there was every reason to be suspicious too, because Hindu scriptures themselves describe that even gods - and remember, for Hindus there is not only one God, there are thirty-three million gods - become interested in women of the earth, because they get tired with plastic beauty..

In heaven there is plastic beauty. Those girls there never grow old. They don’t perspire. They remain just the same always. And they are immensely beautiful, but something is inhuman about them. You can have a plastic girl, absolutely beautiful; even arrangements can be made that she breathes. Arrangements can be made that she smiles, says hello - at least till the battery runs out - she kisses you, she says, “I love you.” Everything can be recorded. And that’s how it is, recorded. It is just that the battery is running for seventy years, that’s the only thing. But we can make batteries, even better batteries, which can run a hundred years, two hundred years. Only once in a while perhaps you may have to go to the repair shop, change the battery or something.

Those girls in heaven are plastic. So naturally people must be getting bored. You may not have thought about it, that you can be bored by beauty too. How long can you see a beautiful face? And those gods are living eternally with those girls - the same faces.. They must be utterly bored. If anything can be said with certainty about heaven, it is that it must be boring, utterly boring. And not only of one religion, of all religions. I will discuss each. Their heavens are bound to be boring. To keep you unbored, to keep you excited and alive, change is needed. Nothing changes there, everything is permanent. So gods come in disguise and rape women on the earth. Of course, they are gods. It seems all the gods of all the religions are rapists. And if they can be caught, they should be either punished or cured.

So gods used to come, in Hindu puranas - that is their ancient stories - and the rishis, the sages, of course had the lion’s share. The greater the sage, the more beautiful the woman he could get. Hindu sages of the past were not bachelors. They were not Catholics, they were not Jainas, they were not Buddhists. This idea of remaining bachelors, celibate, is a very new addition. Hindu sages - they were far, far away from this idea. This idea had not occurred yet. And because somebody was a sage, wise, well-known, respected, naturally he would get the best, the most beautiful woman of the society. Even kings would offer their daughters to them. So Parasurama’s father was a great sage, he may have got a most beautiful woman. And he was suspicious. And these gods used to come in disguise - gods can do any kind of miracle.

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