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Chapter 4: Fighting Cock

He was convinced. Of course there was no way to escape from logic, so he started worshipping the mouse. But soon he was in trouble because one day he saw a cat jump on the mouse. But this time he didn’t come to ask me; now he had the key in his own hand - he started to worship the cat. Soon he was in trouble again. A dog chased the cat and the cat was trembling, so he started to worship the dog. But then again he was in trouble.

One day his wife beat the dog to death. Then he came again. He said, “Now this is too much. I can worship a mouse, a cat, a dog, but not my own wife.”

So I told him, “Nasruddin, you are a rational man, and this is how reason moves. You cannot go back, you have to accept it.”

So he said, “Then I will do one thing. I will take a picture of her without anybody knowing and I will go inside my room, lock the door from the inside, and worship her. But please don’t tell her.”

So he started to worship her in secrecy and privacy. Things were going well. Then one day Mulla Nasruddin’s wife came running to me, and she said, “Something has been wrong for many days. We thought that he had gone a little crazy because he had been worshipping a mouse, then he was worshipping a cat, then a dog, and for a few days he has been doing something secret inside his room. He locks it and allows nobody in. But today, just out of curiosity, I looked through the keyhole, and it is too much to bear!”

I asked, “What was he doing?”

She said, “You come and see.”

So I had to go and look through the keyhole! He was standing naked before a mirror worshipping himself! So I knocked on the door, and he came out and said, “This is the logical conclusion. This morning I got angry and beat my wife, and I thought, ‘I am more powerful than her.’ So now I am worshipping myself.”

This is how mind goes on moving towards the ego - the final goal is “I.” And if you listen to the mind this goal is bound to come sooner or later: you will have to worship yourself. And I am not kidding. This is how the whole of humanity has come to worship. All gods have been thrown aside, all the temples have become useless, and man worships himself. How does it happen?

If you listen to the mind it will convince you, by subtle arguments, that you are the center of the world, you are the most significant being in the world, you are the most superior - you are God. This egoistical attitude is bound to come; it is a logical, final step. And the mind will raise doubts about everything but it will never raise any doubt about your ego.

Whenever the mind feels that it has to surrender, it will raise doubts. It will say: “What are you doing? Surrendering to a master? Surrendering to a God Surrendering in a temple, or in a church? Surrendering in prayer and love? Surrendering in sex? What are you doing? You are losing yourself. Be alert and control yourself, otherwise you will be lost.”

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