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Chapter 6: Logos: Power, Necessity

Wisdom is a revolution in your being; knowledge is just rubbish. You can gather it from others; it does not change you, you remain the same. Of course, you become very decorated, you gain many beautiful masks but your own face remains the same. You go on accumulating knowledge, your memory becomes richer and richer, but your being remains as poor as ever. But knowledge can pretend to be wisdom; they both use the same language.

For example: when Al Hillaj Mansoor declared “Ana’l Haq! - I am God!” this was wisdom. It was coming from his very core. It was a declaration not made by him but made through him. You can learn it. You can start declaring, “Ana’l Haq! I am God!” But it will be just knowledge, your life will not support it; your existence will not be a proof of it. In fact, your existence will continuously disprove it; your life will be just the opposite of it.

In India it has happened, in Greece it happened, in China it happened - it has been happening down the ages again and again. The Upanishads say the same thing in their own words; they declare “Aham Brahmasmi! - I am God!” And not only that, “I am God, all are gods.”

The Brahmins, the Indian priests, have been repeating this beautiful statement for thousands of years: “Aham Brahmasmi! - I am God and all are gods.” And untouchability still exists. Still there are people who are not even worthy of being called human beings.

On the one side you go on repeating like parrots the beautiful statements of the Upanishads, of the seers, of the wise people, of those who have known. They were real Brahmins. A Brahmin is one who has known the brahman, one who has known the absolute. One cannot be a Brahmin by birth, and whenever you find a Brahmin by birth, he is a hypocrite. A Brahmin can only be by experience, existential experience; a Brahmin can only be by self-realization. But how can untouchability exist with self-realized people? It is impossible, but untouchability does exist.

On the one side people go on declaring, “All is God, there is nothing else but God, the whole existence is permeated with God. Each atom of it is full of God.” And yet there are people who are not even worthy of being called human beings - what to say about their being gods? They cannot be touched; it is a crime if they touch you. Not only that their touching is a crime, in the past even their shadow. If their shadow fell on you it was a crime. An untouchable could have been burnt alive just because his shadow had fallen on you.

And don’t think these are things of the past; they are still being burnt alive, every day. Their women are raped, their houses burnt, their children killed. And this goes on happening in a country that calls itself the most religious country in the world. What kind of wisdom is this? And behind all this rape, murder, arson, are your Brahmins, the claimers. They repeat the Vedas, the Upanishads, but it is only a tape in their minds. They repeat without knowing what they are repeating.

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