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Chapter 7: Session 7

Sometimes at least it is fortunate to be lost. Moses could not find them. Do you know that in his search for the lost tribe Moses finally reached Kashmir.and he died there. His tomb is not in Israel, it is in Kashmir.

Strange, Moses died in Kashmir, Jesus died in Kashmir. I have been to Kashmir many many times, and I know it to be a place where one says, “Aahhh, could I die this very moment, here and now.!” It is so beautiful that to live afterwards will not be worthwhile.

Kashmiris are beautiful people - poor, but immensely beautiful. Lalla was a Kashmiri woman, illiterate, but she could still sing and dance. So a few of her songs have been saved. She, of course, could not be saved, but her songs have been.I include them in my postscript.

Fifth: Another mystic, Gorakh, a tantrika, a man so versed, so efficient in all the methods of Tantra that anybody in India who knows many businesses is known as doing Gorakhdhandha. Gorakhdhandha means “in the business of Gorakh.” People think one should stick to one’s own business. Gorakh moved in all directions, in all dimensions.

Gorakh’s full name was Gorakhnath. It must have been given by his disciples, because nath means lord. Gorakh has given all the keys possible to enter into the inner mysteries. He has said everything that can be said. He is, in a way, a full stop.

But the world continues, so do I. The world knows no full stop, neither do I. I will die only in the middle of a sentence; then people will wonder forever what I was going to say, how I was going to complete the sentence. I respect Gorakhnath. I have spoken much about him. One day it will be translated, so I need not waste any more time on this fellow.

Sixth: It is very rare that a man, a single man, produces two masterpieces, but that is the case with Hubert Benoit. I don’t know how the French pronounce it.and they are so snobbish about their pronunciation, and I am so sloppy! But I don’t care - what does it matter if a word here and there is mispronounced? My whole life I have been mispronouncing.

This man Hubert Benoit - I have mentioned his first book, Let Go. In fact that was his second book. Before writing Let Go he had written another book called The Supreme Doctrine. I would like to include that too; otherwise I will feel really sad not to have mentioned it. It is a tremendously beautiful book but very difficult to read, and much more difficult to understand. But Benoit tried his best to make it as simple as possible.

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