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Chapter 7: Wander Alone

Yogis who condemn others,
Yogis eating meat, drinking wine, taking drugs,
By the hundreds they go to hell.
Shree Gorakh Raja speaks the plain truth.

Rejoicing in aloneness, the siddha,
Dwelling as a pair, the seeker,
Needing four or five, the householder,
Ten or twenty is an army.

Greatness is when greatness is effaced,
Consider this word of truth.
The master seeks out the one who is humble
And lifts the load from his head.

Hope is distress, doubt is sorrow,
These two major diseases won’t leave without a master.
Being with a master gives birth
To the self-disciplines of meditation and love.

He who burned sex to ashes while young,
Look for such a yogi in the world,
All others are just filling their stomachs.

How can I tell you, O pundit, where God is.
If you look within your own self,
There is no I, no thou.

A stone house for God, a god of stone,
How can love burst forth by worshipping stone?
Wasting life in worshipping the lifeless,
Being so unaware,
How can you cross the ocean of the world?

Bathing in one holy place after another,
How can the inner be penetrated through an outer cleansing?
Adinatha my grandson, Machhindranatha my son,
Gorakh Avadhut beholds his offspring.

One unit of life unraveling
Stitching - unstitching,
What sense in going on?
Only crying and crying,
Losing self-pride,
Weeping - lamenting;
It is futile.
Living in suffocation,
Drinking only poison,
It is futile.
Birds’ cackling,
Enshrines at least some significance.
What sense in going on?

Two moments or four,
This is called living:
To know it is not a sin.
Fragments of someone else’s song
Repeating in one’s mind
Is not a sin,
All sing in the language of the mind.
Sun - moon - fireworks - stars - cuckoo - parrot,
What sense in going on?

Life enclosed
Eyes blindfolded -
Cart stuck in a rut
Lash upon lash -
Machine magic
Pause a little,
What sense in going on?

One unit of life unraveling
Stitching - unstitching
What sense in going on?

Man goes on moving without thinking why, without thinking from where he has come, without thinking in which direction he is going. He doesn’t even think, “Who am I?” but goes on running. What will be the result of this running? What will he attain?

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