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Chapter 6: Wolves in a Sheep’s Skin

Dogo visited Nansen, who asked him, “What is your name?”
Dogo replied, “My name is Enchi.”
Nansen asked, “How do you express the place where wisdom doesn’t reach?”
Dogo replied, “I would never express it.”
Nansen said, “That’s right. If you express it, horns will grow and you will become a beast.”
A few days later, Dogo and Ungan were sitting outside the dormitory and doing some work. Nansen was taking a walk, and when he saw Dogo, he asked, “Enchi, the other day, you said you would never express the place where wisdom doesn’t reach. Now, how are you practicing it?”
Hearing this, Dogo slipped into the dormitory, waited there until Nansen walked away and then appeared again.
Ungan asked Dogo, “Why didn’t you answer when Osho asked you the question?”
Dogo replied, “What a clever chap you are!”
Then Ungan came up to Nansen and asked, “Osho, you have asked a question just now of my brother-disciple, Enchi. How should one answer to it?”
Nansen said, “He is quite good at the beasts’ way.”
Ungan asked, “What is the beasts’ way?”
Nansen said, “You must have heard that you should never express the place where wisdom doesn’t reach. If you express it, horns will grow. If you name it so-and-so, it will already be wrong. You should immediately go the beasts’ way.”


Comrade Gorbachev seems to be bent upon destroying communism, root and all. He has even stopped using the word comrade.

Sangeet has been going through his books, because I don’t waste my time on any rubbish. She has found a few points which I would like to discuss with you. The first point is about women.

It was one of the great contributions of Joseph Stalin to bring about equality between men and women in every sphere of life. He allowed women the same education, the same financial freedom as the men. He allowed the women freedom to work equally with men. He brought the woman out of the prison of the home. Russia was the only country in the world where women were given back their dignity, and the whole credit goes to Joseph Stalin.

Now Gorbachev is forcing the woman back into the kitchen. His idea is only valid in the sense that unless the family is again enforced, it will be difficult to bring private property and capitalism to the Soviet Union. He is almost playing into the hands of the Western capitalist countries. Now he wants the woman not to be given equal work, or equal education; she should go back and be a wife, a mother. The house and the family is to be her only field.

All over the world women are fighting for freedom. And freedom is possible only if the woman is educated, has the capacity to earn money for herself, is not dependent on the husband’s bank account; if she is not forced to remain within the boundaries of the house, taking care of the children, preparing food, washing dishes and clothes. But that’s what Gorbachev is trying to do now.

All the women of the Soviet Union should revolt against it, and all the women outside the Soviet Union should support the Soviet woman’s fight for freedom.

These are small strategies for bringing capitalism back. Once the family is solid, and the woman has lost her equality, private property can be brought back in very easily. Gorbachev is already talking about private property; he is already talking about socialism, he has dropped the word communism also. And socialism is a cunning conspiracy of the capitalists.

All over the world there are socialist parties, and their only function is to prevent people from becoming communist. They are being paid by the capitalists - as far as India is concerned I am absolutely certain. I know, because the same man offered me money also..

The head of India’s biggest super-rich family was Jugal Kishore Birla. He was giving monthly salaries to Jaiprakash Narayan, who was the head of the Socialist Party of India. Seeing my meetings, where fifty thousand or one hundred thousand people would attend, he was immensely interested.

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