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Chapter 1: Marx and Buddha Hand in Hand

Yakusan asked a monk, “Where do you come from?”
“From Nansen,” was the reply.
“How long were you there?” Yakusan continued.
“From last winter to summer,” replied the monk.
“Then you must have become a good ox,” commented Yakusan.
The monk said, “The thing is, I was there, but I didn’t even go to the dining hall.”
“But you cannot get by just through breathing the wind!” Yakusan commented.
“It was not that bad, Osho,” said the monk. “There is surely a man who will hold a spoon for me.”
On another occasion, Yakusan was returning to his temple with a bundle of firewood when a monk asked him, “Where have you been?”
Yakusan replied, “I’ve got firewood.”
The monk pointed to Yakusan’s sword and said, “It makes the sound ‘tap-tap.’ What in the world is it?”
At this the master unsheathed the sword and assumed a warrior’s stance.


There is a group of Soviet comrades present here today. They have a few very beautiful and simple questions. First I am going to answer them.

The first question:

You have dedicated a book to Gorbachev. Since you are against politicians, is this a contradiction?

Not at all, because Gorbachev is not a politician. His every act proves that he is a man in politics but not a politician. My dedication to Gorbachev and the academic scientist Sakharov was for this simple reason, that he is not a politician and is immensely interested in having peace in the world. He is for friendship in the world, not for war.

The politician’s mind is always concerned with war. Adolf Hitler in his autobiography, My Struggle, says that if a politician wants to remain in politics he has to continue creating enemies. If there are no real enemies, create fictions that somebody is going to attack you, that you are surrounded by enemies. Only that will keep you in power - not peace.

And it is a factual thing to know; your whole history is filled with heroes who were nothing but warmongers, people who massacred millions of people. Your history does not consist of a single name who was a peacemaker.

I have dedicated my book with deep love to Gorbachev and Sakharov because they are both working for world peace. That is not the way of the politician, that is the way of a humanitarian. That is the way of one who loves humanity, who loves this beautiful planet and wants to save it at any cost. And all his actions prove what I am saying.

Their second question is:

As a religious leader, you are above human hurts, but do you criticize America and Christianity so much because you feel hurt?

In the first place I am not a religious leader. I am a religious man. A leader is fundamentally a politician. Whether or not his politics is hidden behind religion does not matter; the very word leader comes from politics.

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