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Chapter 9: Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

Just remain alert. And if you can be alert about the past you will become aware, by and by, that the future has disappeared automatically. The future is nothing but the projection of the past. The future is the desire to have the past that was beautiful, again and again, in more beautiful ways - and not to have the past which was painful, to never have it again.

This is what future is. You are choosing a part of the past, glorifying it, decorating it, and imagining that in the future you will again and again have those moments of happiness - of course more magnified, more inflated. And you will never have the pain that you had to pass through in the past. This is what future is.

Once the past disappears, it does not disappear alone. It also takes the future with it. Suddenly you are here, now - time stops. This moment which is not of time I call meditation.this moment which is not of time Jesus calls “the kingdom of God.”

Just remember it more and more. Nothing is to be done, only remembrance - a deep remembrance which follows you like breathing whatsoever you are doing - which remains somewhere in the heart. Just a deep remembrance that the past has to be dropped - and future goes with it.

Here-now is the door; from here-now you pass from the world into God, you pass from the without to the within. Suddenly, in the marketplace, the temple descends: the heavens open and the spirit of God descends like a dove. It can happen anywhere. Every place is holy and sacred; only your ripeness, your maturity, your awareness, is needed.

The word awareness is the master key.

We will come across many situations in the gospel where Jesus goes on saying: “Awake! Be alert! Be conscious! Remember!” Buddha goes on saying to his disciples: “Right mindfulness is needed.” Krishnamurti goes on saying: “Awareness.” Gurdjieff’s whole teaching is based on one word: self-remembering.

This is the whole of the gospel: self-remembering.

Enough for today.