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Chapter 13: The Awakening of Kundalini Energy

A monk in China was observing the birthday of his guru with great celebration. People asked him whose birthday he was celebrating, as he always said that he had no guru and that there was no need for a guru. Then what was all this about? He begged them not to question him, but they kept on insisting, “Today is the day of the guru - have you a guru?”

The monk said, “Don’t put me in difficulty. It is good that I keep quiet.”

But the more he kept quiet, the more the people insisted, “What is the matter? What is it that you are celebrating? - because this is master’s day celebration. Do you have a master?”

The monk said, “If you go on insisting then I have to say something about it. Today I remember the man who refused to be my guru, because if he had accepted me as a disciple I would have gone astray. That day when he refused me I was very angry with him, but today I want to bow down to him in great gratitude. Had he wished he could have been my guru, because it was I who begged him to accept me, but he would not agree.”

So the people asked, “Then what do you thank him for if he refused you?”

The monk said, “It is enough to say that by not becoming my guru this man did for me what no guru could do. Therefore, my obligation is doubled. If he had been my guru there would have been some give and take on both sides. I would have touched his feet, offered my veneration and respects, and the matter would have been concluded. But this man did not ask for respect and he did not become my guru. Therefore my obligation to him is twofold. This has been absolutely one-sided: he gave and I could not even thank him, because he left no place even for that.”

Now in such a situation as this there will not remain any difference between shaktipat and grace. The greater the difference the more you should keep away from it; the less the difference the better it is. Therefore, I emphasize grace. The day shaktipat has come very close to grace, so close that you cannot distinguish between shaktipat and grace, know that the right happening has taken place. When the electricity of your house becomes like the unhindered and natural lightning in the sky and becomes a part of the infinite energy, that moment you should know that if shaktipat happens then it is equivalent to grace. Remember what I have said.

In the Nargol meditation camp you said that either the energy rises from within and reaches up to the divine or the energy of the divine descends and merges within. You said that the first is the rising of the kundalini and the second is the grace of the divine. Then later on you have said that when the sleeping energy within meets the enormous energy of the infinite, an explosion takes place which is samadhi. Is the union of the awakened kundalini and grace absolutely necessary for samadhi? Or, is the evolution of the kundalini up to the sahasrar similar to the happening of divine grace?

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