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Chapter 4: You Can Be Showered by Flowers of Bliss

The elderly man goes to visit a physician for a check-up. The doctor notices that his hands are shaking like leaves in the wind. “You must drink a lot,” says the doctor.

“No, I don’t,” says the old guy, “I spill most of it.”

Come to such a point, Devageet, when you start spilling most of it. Don’t be contented so early. It is not even the beginning yet.

Once a week I cook unfertilized fried eggs for the whole commune’s breakfast in order that everybody’s brain becomes sharper and more intelligent. However, after cooking one thousand fried eggs, I don’t feel like eating any myself. Is it okay for me to drop improving my brain and just enjoy its lack of activity?

Vimal.. A writer had been out too late the night before, and in the wrong places. Nursing a magnificent hangover, he stops at a small restaurant for breakfast. “What will you have?” asked the waiter.

“All I want is two fried eggs and some kind words,” says the bleary-eyed writer.

Presently, the waiter returns with two pale-looking fried eggs. “Here are your eggs, sir,” he says. “And now for the kind words: don’t eat them.”

The other morning in discourse I was overwhelmed by your clarity and your beauty and grace, and felt so grateful and vulnerable. Thank you, Osho. I also realize that I am still not seeing your total radiance and splendor. This brings sadness and frustration. Osho, is it true that without being enlightened we cannot see you as you really are - Sachchidanand? Can we only catch a glimpse?

One has to learn a little patience. Everything that has ever happened to any human being is going to happen to you, because you have all the potential. You contain all the Gautam Buddhas, all the Jesuses, all the Socrateses. You contain the whole potential of humanity within you. And if you can see in me a certain clarity, beauty, grace, and if you can feel grateful and vulnerable, then you are on the right track. That’s how one starts growing slowly.

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