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Chapter 2: Let the Christian Ship Drown

This is the ultimate freedom: freedom from oneself. And only a man who has attained the ultimate freedom can dance, and there will be no dancer but only dance; can celebrate, but now celebration will be arising from the very depths of existence itself; can laugh, but now it will be a totally different laughter - it will be existence laughing through you.

All your actions will become existential; they will have a great grace and beauty and truth and authenticity.



Now come back, and bring all these experiences and the buddha following you.

With great grace, with silence, sit down for a few moments, just to remember the golden path that you have followed, and the opening into ultimate space, into nothingness, into shunyata and the great moment when you had disappeared and only existence was there.

Soon it will become your twenty-four-hour experience. Inch by inch you will be transformed into a Gautam Buddha. That is everybody’s birthright.