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Chapter 14: Easy Is Right

The bishop could not contain his curiosity. He came close and he said, “What are you doing?” The rabbi was cutting the exhaust pipe! He said “I am doing circumcision. Now this car is a Jew.”

A simple man, contented with his ordinariness, joyful just as he is, accepting him self and all that he has without any judgment - with a deep feeling of suchness that this is how existence wants me to be - is the only cultured man, because he will have a grace and a beauty which these people who are trying to become somebody cannot have.

You can have grace only if you relax in whatever you are. The roses have culture, because they are not competing with the lotuses. Even the smallest blade of grass has a grace and beauty, because there is no competition. It is not worried About why it has not been made a rosebush. It is utterly satisfied with being itself.

This satisfaction creates an aura of grace. And this grace is neither Indian nor German nor Chinese; this grace is neither capitalist nor communist nor fascist. This grace belongs to the natural human being who has dropped all kinds of conditionings - Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan, Jewish - and who lives not bothering to be in tune with the society, but in tune with existence. Then the music of existence flows through him, then the fragrance of existence surrounds him. It is not something to be cultivated, it is something you are born with; just give it an opportunity to grow.

Don’t hinder its progress. Have you ever seen any deer which is not graceful? Have you seen any eagle which is not graceful? It is only man who has to cultivate it.

It is strange, because man is the highest part of existence which has evolved consciousness. Grace will come just like a shadow; you don’t have to cultivate it. Anything cultivated is going to be phony. Only something natural that arises from your very being is going to be authentic, sincere, honest.