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Chapter 1: Sound is Our Mind - Silence is Our Being

The East has approached reality in a very different way. And certainly because it has reached in a different way, it has produced a different kind of enlightened people.

The West has produced popes - and the worst is a Polack pope. And now, the Nobel Prize committee is nominating him for a Nobel Prize! A Polack and a Nobel Prize.? In this way the Polack is not given respect; in this way the Nobel Prize loses all nobility, all grace.

And what experience has the Pope? What is his authority? He represents Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ himself does not seem to be enlightened. Because an enlightened person does not bother about saying, “God is my father.I am the only begotten son of God..” Who cares? We have seen thousands of enlightened people in the East. None of them has claimed that he is the only begotten son of God. That would be laughed at for centuries: “That man has gone mad!”

So in the first place he represents Jesus Christ - who seems to be a lunatic. Either his nuts and bolts are loose, or too tight. He does not show the grace of a Gautam Buddha. Neither does he show the dance of a Meera nor the grace of a Mahavira.

What he goes on talking about he has gathered from the society - because he is uneducated. And popes, hundreds of popes in these two thousand years have represented him. It is a hierarchy: the pope, Jesus, God.you cannot go unless you follow the proper channel! And I have always wondered that even the intelligent people in the West never think what is the contribution of these popes? A man who is a representative of God must show something, some sensitivity, some grace, some blissfulness; some fragrance should surround him. But the pope is elected!

It is so hilarious that people elect somebody as enlightened. Enlightenment is not an election campaign. Many candidates can stand up and say, “I am enlightened.”

Enlightenment is an inner opening of the rose. Those who are in search of the truth of their being, will immediately be pulled towards the man of enlightenment.

It is not dependent on anybody’s election or nomination. It does not represent even God or anybody. It simply declares its own heart and invites and welcomes anybody - any wayfarer who wants to share this juice, this music of the eternal Om, one who is in search of finding a living silence and a dancing silence.

This sutra contains the whole - the beginning and the end. But it starts from the end and reaches to the beginning. The statement of Gautam Buddha was: “Ignorance has no beginning and enlightenment has no end, and both make a circle.” You know you have been utterly ignorant of yourself because now you are so alert, so full of joy, so much is dancing in your every cell, every fiber. This is an experience; it is not a hypothesis, and it has never been argued.

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