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Chapter 1: Oneness of Matter and Spirit

Before our night session ends, I would like that we leave after sitting in prayer with eyes closed for five minutes. The sage has prayed, now let us also pray. You have to close your eyes and bring both your palms together in the namaste posture. Bow down your head to the feet of the divine, and let only one feeling resonate in your heart..

Pray from your heart saying that man is very weak. “I am very weak. Alone, what can I accomplish? I need the help of the divine. I ask for the grace of the divine. I pray for thy grace, thy help..”

Open your hearts towards the divine to be filled by its grace. This prayer comes from our hearts..

Our camp begins in the hope and prayerful thrill that on its last day we will also be able not only to pray, but also to thank the divine.

Our session tonight is over.