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Chapter 6: Buddhahood: Not Only for the Chosen Few

I don’t promise you anything. It is already promised by destiny. You are here for it. How can I promise something? Who am I to promise? I can promise only because I know it is already there. I know, whether you know it or not, that it is already there - I can see the flame inside you. You may have forgotten it, but I can penetrate and see. I promise because I know it is already there: right now it is the facticity of your being, nothing is to be done. has to become a little more alert, a little more true, a little more in the essence. Don’t cling to the personality that you have created around you. Go to the center.

If you feel, “How is that possible with such a helpless case as I am?” - anybody who moves on the path feels helpless, only those who never move on the path feel themselves very strong. Anybody who moves on the path feels helpless, because on the path one becomes flexible, on the path one becomes aware of how things are. One becomes aware of how small one is. One becomes aware of the tinyness of one’s own existence and the vast reality around.

One is just a small drop in an infinite ocean; of course, one feels helpless. But once you feel helpless the ego has been dropped, and for the first time, help from every nook and corner of existence rushes towards you. The whole ocean rushes towards you. In your helplessness the drop drops, you become the ocean. And that’s why, “On the other hand, sometimes,” you say, “I am filled with grace.”

Yes, it happens. It is part of the whole process. If you feel helplessness you will feel grace reaching to you, if you feel that you are already strong, the door is closed - you don’t need grace.

There is a very ancient story..

Krishna is sitting. His wife, Rukmini, has brought food for him and he was just going to take the first bite. He dropped it and rushed towards the door. Then he stopped at the door for a single moment, came back, started eating.

Rukmini was puzzled. She said, “What is the matter? You rushed towards the door as if there is some great emergency, as if the house is on fire or something, or somebody is going to die. And then you stopped, and then you came back. I’m puzzled. Tell me, what is the secret?”

Krishna said, “One of my devotees, a lover, is passing through a big city. He is almost mad in love with me. People are throwing stones at him - they think he is crazy - and when the stones hit him and blood flows, he just says ‘Krishna, Krishna’ and dances. He was so helpless, I was needed, so I rushed.”

Rukmini asked, “Then what happened? Why did you come back from the door?”

Krishna said, “By the time I reached the door, he had taken one stone in his hand. He was throwing stones himself. Now I am not needed. He’s taken the whole situation in his own hand. I am not needed.”

God comes to you when you are helpless. When you are strong, God is not needed. The divine reaches to you when you are empty. When you are too full of yourself, there is no need. Helplessness is the capacity to call, to invite grace. Grace is always available; only, you have to be helpless.

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