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Chapter 7: The Sacred Explosion

Love’s conqueror is he
whom love conquers.

Apply yourself, hand and foot,
to the search;
but when you reach the sea,
stop talking of the stream.

When he admits you to his presence
ask from him nothing other than himself.
When he has chosen you for a friend,
you have seen all that there is to see.
There’s no duality in the world of love:
what’s all this talk of “you” and “me”?
How can you fill a cup that’s full already?

Bring all of yourself to his door:
bring only a part,
and you’ve brought nothing at all.

It’s your own self
defining faith and unbelief:
inevitably it colors your perception.
Eternity knows nothing
of belief or unbelief;
for a pure nature
there is no such thing.

And if, my friend, you ask me the way,
I’ll tell you plainly, it is this:
to turn your face toward the world of life,
and turn your back on rank and reputation;
and, spurning outward prosperity, to bend
your back double in his service;
to part company with those who deal in words,
and take your place in the presence of the wordless.

The way is not far
from you to the friend:
you yourself are that way:
so set out along it.

You who know nothing of the life
that comes from the juice of the grape,
how long will you remain intoxicated
by the outward form of the grape?
Why do you lie that you are drunk?

How can you go forward?
There is no place to go;
how will you leap?
You have no foot.

Hakim Sanai says:

Love’s conqueror is he
whom love conquers.

A tremendously pregnant statement: meditate over it. The moment you start searching for God, remember he is always the initiator of the search. If you choose God, that simply means he has chosen you already. It is only by his grace that the search begins. You may think in your egoistic way, “I am searching for God” - that is utterly wrong. Unless he searches for you, there is no possibility for you to search for him. Unless he chooses you, you cannot choose him. You are always chosen by him. But that phenomenon happens in such depths of your being that you never become aware of it, unless you have arrived.

This statement is the statement of one who has arrived. Now he knows his whole being. Knowing it, he knows that it was God who initiated the whole search: “I could love him because his love has stirred my heart in the first place.”

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