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Chapter 10: Love Is Death

“I go about my business without anxiety” - beautiful! Because then everything is his, business also. Ordinary day-to-day activity becomes religious, because all is his. When you are taking a bath, you are giving him a bath: when you are standing under a shower, he is showering on you. When you are eating he is eating, and when you feel satisfied he feels satisfied. When you are singing he is singing within you, and he is the audience also; he is listening to you. Every moment and every act becomes luminous with his presence. When the whole life becomes luminous - waking, he wakes in you; sleeping, he goes to sleep and takes a rest - then there is no distraction. Then you are continuously in tune with him. Then the harmony has happened. This is what a religious life is all about.

Religious life is not something separate from life. It is not the life of the temple or of the monastery; it is the life offered to God - totally, unconditionally, utterly. Now one lives because he wants you to live; and one lives happily, because he has chosen you, because he has chosen you to be an instrument to him. Then you become a flute on his lips.then everything is tremendously beautiful. This is what the Bauls want to say..

“.and I feel such a flood of gratitude for your presence here.” Gratitude arises whenever you start feeling God’s presence around you; then only gratitude is left. Then your whole energy becomes gratitude, then your whole being becomes a thanksgiving, it becomes a prayer - because nothing is missing, and the world is so perfect, and everything is as it should be. Gratitude is natural. Gratitude is not something that can be practiced. You have been taught to be grateful; you cannot be. Gratefulness is a consequence; when you feel God close by, gratitude arises. It is a by-product. Respect arises. This respect is not something that you manage, it is something beyond you. You have been taught to be grateful to your parents, taught to be grateful to your teachers, taught to be grateful to your elders, but those are all just conditionings. When real gratitude arises, then you see what a tremendous difference there is. The gratitude that was taught was just a concept, a dead ritual. You were following it like a mechanism. When the real gratitude upsurges in your being, you feel for the first time what prayer is, what love is.

Good, Girisha. Continue to remember, continue to relax, continue not to lose this experience that is happening to you, because this experience is the only experience that makes life meaningful, which gives life a glow, a benediction. You are blessed, Girisha, but don’t lose track of it. It is very difficult to get it, and it is very easy to lose it - because mind has a long history, and it is very strong, and this new experience is just a small sprout, very soft, fragile. The mind’s heavy rock can crush it at any moment, so be very alert.

People who have not known anything like the spiritual experience of ecstasy, elation, who have never felt any presence of God, need not be very alert, because they have nothing to lose. But a person who has had an experience, a glimpse, a mini-satori, has much to lose. He will have to be more cautious. Be more cautious. Allow what has happened to you to happen more and more. Go deeper into it so that that which is fragile becomes strong, that which is new becomes deeply rooted in your being.

It fact, people who are searching and seeking and making much fuss about it are completely unaware that finally, when they reach, they will find there is nothing.

I have heard..

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