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Chapter 2: The Pilgrimage Is Endless

Prem Turiya, I have given you the name Turiya. It is a very strange word - it simply means The Fourth.

In the East, the mystics have disappeared again and again in the fourth. They have discovered that our consciousness consists of four stages: the waking, the dreaming, the dreamless sleep and the fourth. Very strange - they have not given any name to the final stage, but a number; because any name is bound to carry a certain meaning which is confining. But a number does not confine.

It does not matter how you are going to express your gratitude. Your experience of silence and meditation, your experience of love and joy, your experience of dancing in blissfulness is more than any gratitude can be.

Gratitude cannot be expressed through words. It can be expressed only through your whole being - your eyes, your hands, your breathing, your heart; it overwhelms you completely. And it is not possible to put it into any words, so don’t try that. Nobody has ever been successful in showing his gratitude in words. That’s why, in the East, we have discovered different ways of showing it - the disciple touches the feet of the master. The West cannot understand it. All human beings are equal - then why should someone touch the feet.? They have not discovered many things.

When the disciple touches the feet of the master, the master touches his head and a circle of energy is created; and that circle is gratitude.

Just your being present in deep silence is enough. You are saying, “Soaking up everything that you give to us, being totally overwhelmed by your grace and your beauty - when feeling your compassion, tears come to my eyes.” Neither the grace is mine, nor the beauty. It all belongs - just as flowers and birds belong - to existence. Do not confine them into a cage. Let your experience of my grace or beauty become your experience of the grace of the trees and the mountains and the beauty of sunrise and sunset. Spread it all over the world. And without your being alert, it is spreading; hence, tears come to your eyes.

People ordinarily think that tears come to the eyes when you are suffering, when there is pain. Their understanding is absolutely wrong.

Tears come to people when they are in pain, when somebody dies; but they have known only one side of tears. The other side is reserved only for those few whose experience of love, grace and beauty - whose ecstasy, is so overwhelming that it cannot be expressed in any other way. Tears are the most subtle expression.

Your eyes are full of tears, a silent expression of overflowing joy. Tears express any experience that is overwhelming - whether it is pain or blissfulness, whether it is agony or ecstasy.

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