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Chapter 10: All Going Is Going Astray

You are your real nature. This is the great declaration of Zen. Other religions say you have to find God. Zen says you are. Other religions say long is the journey. Zen says there is no question of any journey whatsoever. You are already there! Maybe fast asleep, snoring, but you are there. The goal is where you are. You are the goal, you are the target.

You want “to experience truth and to live it in the world.” That’s what you are already doing. Drinking tea you are living the truth. Talking to a friend you are living the truth. Going for a morning walk you are living the truth. Even being angry you are living the truth. How can it be otherwise?

The ordinary is the extraordinary, and the trivial is the profound. The samsara is nirvana.

It is just a question of remembering.

“.to become my real nature, to experience truth and to live it in the world.” That’s what you are doing. Just the mind goes on playing a game. The mind says things can be better. The mind says life can be improved upon. The mind says there must be something more, you must be missing something - seek, search, do something. This is greed, and the greed is so subtle that it can hide in millions of ways. It can even start trying not to be greedy. Now, listening to me, your mind will say, “Right. Now I am not to be greedy at all because it is greed that is destroying my life. So I have to get rid of greed.” Again the greed has come, from the back door.

“It was deep in the woods back yonder,” began old Herman, the guide. “I was plodding along minding my own business when suddenly a huge bear sneaked up behind me. He pinned my arms to my sides and started to squeeze the breath out of me. My gun fell out of my hands. First thing you know, the bear had stooped down, picked up the gun, and was pressing it against my back.”

“What did you do?” gasped the tenderfoot.

Old Herman sighed. “What could I do? I married his daughter.”

But the bear or the daughter, it makes no difference. It is the same.

Just be aware of the ways of the greed. Don’t try to get rid of it. Don’t try to do anything. Just be aware of how greed takes a thousand and one forms. Watch it. There is no hurry.

And you are not losing anything. You are living the truth. You cannot lose, in the very nature of things. We are all winners. Here nobody can be a loser. God has managed the world in such a way. That’s why mystics say this is the most perfect world. God has managed it in such a way that everybody is a winner, nobody is a loser. Everybody is a victor, nobody is ever defeated. Even in your defeat there is victory, and even when you think you are lost you are not lost. It is all dream. The day you become awake you will find you have never been outside your home, you have always been there.

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