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Chapter 10: The Bridge but Not the Water Flows

For the Kohinoor to come into your life again, you will need a thirst for it. You will need to feel a great missing - something missing inside your being. You will need a great desire. All desires should become lesser desires, and God becomes the supreme-most desire, the topmost desire. God is always here.

It happens to children, it happens to societies, it happens to civilizations, it happens to humanity at large, too. So don’t be worried about Christianity - that was part. Christianity or those kinds of religion are the religions between these two childhoods, the first and the second. They condemn. They shout that you have gone astray: “Come back!” They pull you back, they make you afraid. They give you great provocations, that if you come back you will attain great prizes, rewards, in heaven. If you don’t come back, you are going to be thrown into hell. Hellfire is waiting for you; for eternity you will be in hell, suffering.

This is fear - creating fear in people, so that they will come back. But out of fear, even if you come, you never come. Because fear can never become love. Fear cannot be reduced into love, cannot be converted into love. Fear remains fear, and out of fear arises hatred.

That’s why Christianity has created great hatred against religion. Friedrich Nietzsche is a by-product of Christianity; if Friedrich Nietzsche says God is dead, it is just a reaction to Christianity. Too much emphasis on God, on heaven and hell - somebody has to say it. I am all for Nietzsche - somebody has to say, “Enough is enough. Stop all this nonsense! God is dead, and man is free” - because man feels in bondage if you create fear.

And greed? Greed again is a bondage. You just see - heaven, paradise, firdaus, the idea of it - what is it? It is such greed, such lust. In the Mohammedan’s firdaus, heaven, it seems saints are doing nothing but copulating. Beautiful women are available, and streams of wine are flowing, and all that you need is immediately made available. And those beautiful women remain at the age of sixteen; they never grow.

And one more beautiful thing about that: they again become a virgin. Whenever a saint makes love to a woman - only saints go there - when a saint makes love to a woman, the moment he is finished, again she becomes a virgin. That is the miracle of paradise. And what are your saints doing there? It seems an orgy, sexual orgy. And streams of wine.. Here you say, “Avoid wine, avoid women” - for what? To gain better women and more wine in heaven? This seems to be illogical.

But this is how people are provoked, through greed, to come back. Or fear: if you don’t come through greed, then fear, then hellfire - and eternal hellfire. You have not done so much sin, eternal hellfire is unjust. Okay, for ten years you are thrown into hell, one can understand - fifteen years, twenty years, fifty years. But eternal? You have not been eternally sinning here, so how can eternal punishment be given to you? It looks too much.

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