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Chapter 16: The Future Is Always Open

And different countries have different ways. It is not a coincidence that forty percent of my people are Jews. And I have been hitting hard on the Jews - so much so that rabbis have started writing letters to me saying, “You seem to be anti-Jewish.” They don’t know that Jews are the majority of my people, and I can hit on them because I love them and they understand my love. In my hit they receive my love.

Not a single Jew has left me. Once he has come, he has come forever, he has found his Israel in me. He need not go to Jerusalem, he need not bother about Moses and Jesus; there is no need. They have found a more contemporary Moses here.

Each country can be given a certain characteristic. For example, Indians: they pretend to be spiritualists, and it is the most materialistic country in the whole world, the most greedy. They could not be with me for the simple reason that I was exposing them - and unless I expose you totally, you cannot be reborn.

Indians started escaping from me the moment I started exposing them. They took the hint, and it was right: they are greedy, they are materialist; they don’t have any longing for spirituality, only pretensions. Yes, once, twenty-five centuries ago, perhaps they were spiritual, and that idea of the past has followed them like a shadow. But they completely forget that for twenty-five centuries you cannot go on pretending that the shadow that is following you is alive. Indian spirituality is dead, and I don’t see much hope for its revival.

But a few Indians have been with me all along, in all the seasons, in all the changes. So when I say something about a country, it does not apply to individuals. Now Avesh is sitting there - a great Frenchman - and he is going to sit there forever. I have destroyed his French-ship completely. Arup herself is Dutch. Can she conceive of ever leaving me? Not even in dreams, it is impossible. I can say that with certainty, because love is never uncertain.

England is so sad and depressed - obviously: they were on the top, they had the biggest empire any country ever had. It was said that the sun never sets in the British Empire, somewhere or other it is always rising. As far as the whole Empire was concerned, the sun was always rising somewhere; it never set in the British Empire. Neither Alexander, nor Napoleon, nor Hitler, nor Stalin has known such a vast empire. Nobody has been able to know such immense power, and suddenly all that has disappeared like writing on water. It is natural that they will be so depressed, sad. They would not like to come out of their depression. They cannot accept laughing, dancing, singing. They have lost so much, and you are thinking to dance? They have lost everything, and you are proposing, “Let us sing a beautiful song!”

The English will find it more difficult than anybody else to be with me. But that does not apply to individuals, let me remind you again. Teertha is there: the moment he entered my room, many years ago, not for a single moment has he left, not even to visit England again. He has dropped his wife, he has dropped his parents, he has dropped everything. He was a well-known encounter-group leader, he had the best growth institute in Europe, but once he looked into my eyes, all that was finished. I knew it, he knew it - that he was born that day and a new life began which had nothing to do with the past.

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