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Chapter 54: The Fire of Awareness

Life is very short, and a genius like Vinoba is wasting seven hours unnecessarily. But he himself also feels that technology is somehow anti-spiritual. The outside and the inside - he has chosen the inside. But if you are choosing the inside, even putting on the wet cloth is outside. It is doing the same thing, only in a very primitive way. What are you doing? You are creating a sort of cooling. And you are wasting seven hours for it! This is at a very great cost. But we will say, “No, this is austerity, this is spirituality, and this man is great.” This has gone to the very cells of our brains.

I accept life in its totality. The outer and the inner both are there, and they both belong to me. And they must be balanced. You need not choose one at the cost of the other. And if you choose, you are falling a victim - victim of an extreme - and you will suffer for it.

Create a balance. The outer and the inner are not opposed. They are movements of the same energy, two banks of the same river, and the river cannot flow with only one bank. You can forget the other, but the other will be there. And the river can exist only if the other is there. You can forget it completely: then hypocrisy is born, because unnecessarily you have to go on hiding the other. There is no need. The river cannot flow.

Life flows between the inner and the outer, and both are essential. Life cannot exist with one. And the two are not really two. The two banks of the river only appear two; if you go deep in the river they are joined - the same ground is appearing as two banks. The outer and the inner are the same ground, the same phenomenon.

If this insight goes deep, and human beings.and I am interested in human beings, not in cultures, not in societies, not in civilizations. If human beings become total and balanced, it is possible that some day humanity can become a balanced society. And only then will man be at ease. And only then will it be possible to grow without any unnecessary difficulty.

Now, rarely it happens that someone grows - rarely. Almost all the seeds are wasted. In millions, one seed grows and comes to flower. This seems sheer wastage. But if society is balanced - nothing is denied, nothing is chosen, but the whole is accepted in a deep harmony - then many will grow. Really, quite the reverse will be the case: it will happen rarely that someone will not grow.