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Chapter 3: Return to Your Source

Certainly the world was different before Jesus than after Jesus. The trees are more alert after Jesus and the rocks are more alive after Jesus because his consciousness, the attainment of his consciousness, has spread all over the existence. It has to be so. Flowers flower more. They may not be aware, but the very quality of the whole has changed. Even if one drop of consciousness attains to God, the whole ocean cannot be the same. That one drop has raised the being of the whole, the quality is different.

You cannot conceive of yourself if there was no Buddha and no Christ, no Krishna. Just remove twelve names from history and the whole of history will disappear. Then humanity will not be there. In fact, the existence that you know around you will not be there. You will be far more asleep and unconscious, you will have gone far more astray. You will be far more violent, aggressive: the glimmer of love that beats in your heart will not be there, the grace that sometimes appears in your eyes will not be there. Your eyes will be more like animals’ - ferocious, violent.

But when a Jesus has happened, his eyes become part of your eyes - a very minute part, but still sometimes it happens that that part spreads all over your eyes and you look at existence in a totally different way. The world remains the same but your eyes change, and with your eyes the whole changes. In your heart a very minute part has become Buddha with Buddha, Christ with Christ, Krishna with Krishna. I know it is a very minute part, but the possibility to grow exists with it.

Look deep down within yourself to the part that has been contributed by Christ or Buddha. Protect it, help it to grow, sacrifice all that you have for it to grow, and you will be on the right track. Let that part win, let that part be victorious, let the Galilean within you win, and immediately - whenever that part is victorious - you are also going to hear: And lo a voice from heaven, saying, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

Enough for today.