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Chapter 26: Contagious Health

But nothing has changed. Only the Britishers are gone, and in their place a single party has been ruling for forty years - not a single party, but a single family. It has become a dynasty. And the exploitation continues and the poverty continues. It has grown at least a hundred times more since the British Empire has gone.

Everything has deteriorated: the morality, the character, the integrity. Everything has become a commodity. You can purchase anybody: all that you need is money. There is not a single individual in the whole country who is not a commodity in the marketplace: all that you need is money. Everybody is purchasable. Judges are purchasable, police commissioners are purchasable, politicians are purchasable. Even under British rule this country has never known such corruption.

What has the country gained? The rulers have changed, but what does that signify? Unless there is a rebelliousness spreading from individual to individual; unless we can create an atmosphere of enlightenment around the world where greed will fall down on its own accord, where anger will not be possible, where violence will become impossible, where love will be just the way you live, where life should be respected, where the body should be loved, appreciated, where comfort should not be condemned - it is natural to ask for comfort..

Even the trees.. In Africa, trees grow very high. The same trees in India don’t grow that high. I was puzzled. What happens? I was trying.they should grow to the same height but they don’t, and the reason I found was that unless there is a density of trees, trees won’t grow high because even at a smaller height the sun is available, and that is their comfort, that is their life, that is their joy. In Africa the jungles are so thick that every tree tries in every way to grow as high as possible, because only then can it have the joy of the sun, the joy of the rain, the joy of the wind. Only then can it dance; otherwise there is nothing but death.

The whole of nature wants comfort, the whole of nature wants all the luxury that is possible. But our religions have been teaching us against luxury, against comfort, against riches.

A man of enlightenment looks with clarity. It is unnatural to demand from people, “You should be content with your poverty, you should be content with your sicknesses, you should be content with all kinds of exploitation, you should be content and you should not try to rise higher, to reach to the sun and the rain and the wind.” This is absolutely unnatural conditioning, that we are all carrying. Only a rebellion in your being can bring you to this clarity.

You say that in history all the rebellions were based on “no.” Those were not rebellions. Change the word. All the revolutions were based on “no.” They were negative, they were against something, they were destructive, they were revengeful and violent.

Certainly, my rebellion is based on “yes” - yes to existence, yes to nature, yes to yourself. Whatever the religions may be saying and whatever the ancient traditions may be saying, they are all saying no to yourself, no to nature, no to existence. They are all life-negative.

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