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Chapter 27: So Which Way Are You Moving?

You cannot depend on these people; they are not reliable. It is not their fault. They are just driftwood - any accident and they start doing things they have never thought about, doing things without ever thinking whether they really want to do them. Perhaps others are doing, so they start doing.

What you call “doing your own thing” is accidental, because you don’t know yourself yet; you cannot do your own thing. To be accidental is to remain in darkness - being thrown by winds here and there like a dead leaf.having no roots, having no integrity, having no individuality, having no sense of being connected with existence.

Doing your own thing, you were wrong - not that the things that you were doing were wrong, but that you were thinking that they were your own. They were only accidental.

The people, the therapists, who criticized you were thinking they were doing my things, not their own. And that was creating deep resentment in them, that they have to do my thing. They really wanted to do their thing. They criticized you just to strengthen in themselves that the very idea of “doing your own thing” is wrong. To repress their own idea they judged you wrong; they were really judging themselves.

And once they got the opportunity.now they are all doing their own things, and thinking that this is freedom. They are telling people, “Osho has given freedom to us.” Now, this is such a foolish idea. Nobody can give you freedom, and if somebody can give you freedom, he can take it back any moment. Freedom cannot be a gift. You have to grow and be free; freedom has to be something that happens to you - it is not given.

Now they are saying, “Osho has given freedom to us, and now we are doing our own thing.” And they are doing the same thing they were doing here.perhaps less efficiently, more superficially, because the people they will be getting will not be meditators.

I used to choose people for their groups; seeing the need of the person, I used to choose which group he should go to. Now these therapists will be doing things to people who don’t need them or which may even harm the people. There is every possibility that the people will be harmed through their therapies - because therapy is not anything spiritual. Therapy is only preparing the ground. And if you don’t have the seeds, the ground that you have prepared will simply grow weeds, wild grass. It cannot grow roses.

Here I was using their therapy to clean the ground so that seeds of meditation can be sown, and people can blossom.

But soon they will understand. Seeing the results, people will start disappearing from their therapy groups. I know perfectly well that people never wanted to do therapy groups; I had to persuade them to go to do therapy groups. They had come to listen to me and to meditate.

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