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Chapter 8: Be True to Love

People come to me and they say, “We want to know God - where is God?” Now the question is just absurd. Where is he not! You ask where he is; you must be dead blind. Can’t you see him, that only he is? In the tree and in the bird, in the animal, in the river, in the mountain, in man, in woman.he is everywhere. He has taken so many forms to surround you, to dance around you. From everywhere he is saying “Hello!” and you don’t listen. From everywhere he is calling you. From everywhere he is inviting you: “Come to me!” but you are somehow keeping your eyes closed; or you have got blinkers on, you don’t look anywhere.

You just look in a very narrow way, in a very focused way. If you are looking for money you only look for money, then you don’t look anywhere else. If you are looking for power you look only for power and you don’t look anywhere else. And remember, God is not in money, because money is man-made and God cannot be man-made. When I say God is everywhere, remember those things have not to be included which man has made. God cannot be man-made. God is not in money; money is a very cunning invention of man. And God is not in power; that too is again a madness of man. Just the very idea to dominate somebody is insane. Just the very idea that, “I should be in power and others should be powerless” is the idea of a madman, a destructive idea.

God is not in politics and God is not in money and God is not in ambition, but God is everywhere where man has not destroyed him, where man has not created something of his own. This is one of the most difficult things in the modern world, because you are surrounded by too many man-made things. Can’t you just see the fact of it?

When you are sitting near a tree, it is easy to feel God. When you are sitting on an asphalt road.you can go on searching on the asphalt road, you will not find God. It is too hard. When you are in a modern city, just cement and concrete buildings all around.in the jungle of cement and concrete you will not feel God, because man-made things don’t grow. That is one of the problems: man-made things don’t grow. They are dead, they don’t have any life. God-made things grow. Even mountains grow! The Himalayas are still growing, still getting higher and higher. A tree grows, a child grows.

Man-made things don’t grow, even the greatest. Even a painting of a Picasso will never grow, so what to say about a cement, concrete building? Even the music of Beethoven will never grow, so what to say about technology, about man-made machines?

Watch! Wherever you see growth, there is God, because only God grows, nothing else. In everything only God grows. When a new leaf is coming in the tree, it is God coming out of the tree. When the bird is on the wing, it is God on the wing. When you see a small girl laughing or a small boy giggling, it is God giggling. When you see tears flowing from the eyes of a woman or a man, it is God crying.

Wherever you find aliveness, yes, there is God; listen carefully, come closer, feel carefully. Be cautious! - you are on holy ground.

Tantra says: If you drop your blinkers.that’s what Tantra means by “unpatterned life-style.” If you drop your blinkers, if you start opening your eyes as wide as they are destined to be, suddenly you will see that you can see in all directions. You have been befooled by the society to look only in certain directions; the society has converted you into a slave.

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