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Chapter 3: Deep within the Cave of the Heart

Rich people often live a poor life. A poor man lives that way because he has to, but if the rich live that way it cannot be forgiven. And the people who thought they could reach to the essence of life through money are simply mad. No, the real immortality cannot be known either through wealth or through your children.

Some people spend their whole lives in just arranging that their children grow up and get educated, that they get married and are well-settled in life. You can ask them, “This is what your parents were doing for you, this is what your children will be doing for their children, so what is this all about? Your father lived so that you could grow up, be educated, get settled and you are living so that your children can grow up, be educated and get settled and your children will live for the same routine. What is the point of living this way?”

Is it possible that simply because you don’t know a right way to live, you end up just keeping yourself and your mind busy, getting involved in just about any foolishness? The people who have children are in a turmoil - they themselves don’t know how to live, and they think their children don’t allow them to live! And the people who don’t have children are in trouble about how to live because they feel “What is the point in living without children?”

It seems that man has no idea where to find the spring of life’s juices. And it is not that someone who has found the spring of life-juice will not earn money, no. It is not that someone who has found the spring of life-juice will not care about and look after his children, but the quality of his caring will be different. The whole motive for him to earn money will be different. One who has known the spring of life-juice will look after his children, but now his caring will not be just keeping busy and postponing life. Now he is not postponing his own life, he is not saying “I will live for you.”

One can live for others - but one who has found the spring of life-juice in his own life will live for himself. Then it is quite a different matter. By living for yourself, your children will also be helped by your life. But you will not live your life through the lives of your children, because in this way everybody only goes on postponing in favor of another and nobody is living his life.

There are many people who think that through action, immense action, constant activity, they will attain to the immortal, so they keep constantly busy. From morning to evening, from birth to death, they go on doing something or other. Their belief is that it is through their own doing that they will experience the immortal. But action can give you only the things that are the fruits of action. The immortal is not the result of any action. It has never been the result of action. The immortal is simply hidden, but it is already there; it is not something that you can create through your action. The immortal is already present; it is not to be created, it is only to be uncovered, discovered. It is not to be produced. No system, no discipline of action will be able to produce it because it is already there.

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