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Chapter 2: You Are Already That.

I am not saying to go and hate. I am saying to love, grow in love, and of course hate will grow with it. Don’t be worried about it. You go on growing in love and the hate will be absorbed by love. Love is so great that it can absorb hate. Compassion is so big, vast, that a little bit of anger can be absorbed by it. It is good.really, compassion without anger will be like food without salt. It will not have the salt, the energy in it. It will be tasteless, stale.

Of course, the negative will always grow with the positive. For example, if there exists a society which says, “The left side of your body is wrong, so don’t allow it to grow; only the right side of the body is right, so let the right side of the body grow and the left side of the body has to be suppressed, cut completely,” what will happen? Either you will become a cripple - because if you don’t allow the left, the right will not grow, they grow together; either you will become a pigmy, as many human beings have become pigmies - or you will become a hypocrite. You will hide your left side and you will say that you only have the right side. And you will always hide the left side somewhere. You will be a hypocrite - false, inauthentic, a lie, a living lie - as religious people are.

Out of one hundred, ninety-nine so-called religious people are liars, absolute liars, because whatsoever they are saying is absurd, cannot be true. They say that they love, and they say that they don’t hate. It is impossible! It is against the very mathematics of existence! They must be liars. There is no need to probe into their individual cases; it is against the grain, it is not possible. Ninety-nine percent are hypocrites and the one percent are simple people. These ninety-nine percent are clever, intelligent people. They hide the left side; they grow in both sides but simply hide the left side and talk about the right. They show the right to the world and the left is their private world. They have back doors to their houses. At the front door they are one thing, at the back door something else. The one percent who are innocent people, simple, not very articulate or intelligent, not cunning, remain pigmies. They really suppress, and when they suppress the left, the right is suppressed. They remain pigmies.

I have come across two types of religious people: ninety-nine percent hypocrites, one percent pigmies. But the whole lot is useless, the whole lot is a burden, the whole lot is a foolishness. I would not like you to become like that, I would not like you to become a pigmy. You have to grow to your total height. But that is possible only if both negative and positive are allowed freedom. Both are your wings. How can a bird fly with one wing? How can you walk with one leg? The same exists on every layer of life: two are needed. In opposition, they give the tension and the possibility of movement. They appear to be against each other, but they are complementary. They are not, in fact, opposites; only the poles are opposites. They help each other to grow. I would like you to grow to your ultimate height, and I would not like you to be hypocrites either. Be true.