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Chapter 28: You Are Eternal

When and how do power and force become one? Master and disciple do not come from this space at all. Please comment.

Power and force never become one. Power is something that radiates from you. The source is within. Force is violent. Force is interference, a trespass on the freedom of others. But, ordinarily, people don’t make the distinction between the two words. They use them almost synonymously.

Love is power, but not force.

A president has force, but not power.

Power never hurts anybody; it is always healing energy. It showers on you like flowers showering on you. It is a fragrance that reaches to you very silently, not even making any noise. It is for you to receive it or not to receive it. It does not force you to receive it.

Power keeps your dignity intact - in fact, it enhances it. It makes you more individual, it allows you more freedom. It makes no conditions on you. Force is totally the opposite of power. Force is violence against the other. But these words became synonymous; there must be some reason why. It is because in life we experience power changing into force.

For example, you love someone; that is power. But then you get married, you are a husband and she is a wife; it is a social contract, it is business. Now power disappears, force enters in. You will still use the same words, but they don’t mean the same. You will still say, “I love you,” but you know that these are only empty words. Yes, once they were alive, once they had immense content. Once there was juice in them - now everything is just dry.

You have to say, “I love you.” It is not coming from your heart, it is coming from your head. The space has changed. You will still kiss your wife, but it will be just an exercise of the lips; behind the lips there is nobody. You may be far away, thinking of your secretary. Your wife may be far away, thinking of her boss. Now power, which was a radiance, a field of energy, has disappeared. Instead there is force. Love is gone; law has entered into life. Because of these changes of power into force, the words have become synonymous - even to the linguists, who should know better. The difference is very subtle.

Force is always that of the sword. The sword may grow into nuclear weapons. Power is always of love. It can grow only into deep mysteries, unknown spaces. Ultimately, it can become a source of religio. It can open doors, to both the lovers, of something transcendental. It can help them to merge with the universe.

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