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Chapter 10: No Yesterday, No Tomorrow, No Today

The more you grow, the less dreaming there will be, because there will be no problem of being adjusted. The more you grow, the less dreams. If you grow perfectly in awareness dreaming stops because, perfectly aware, you don’t want to change reality. You simply become one with it. You don’t fight with it because, perfectly aware, you come to realize that the real cannot be changed. All that can be changed is your attitude, your mind - the real will remain the same.

You cannot change reality, you can change only this false process of mind. Ordinarily we are trying to change reality so that reality adjusts to us. A religious person is one who has dropped out of that foolish effort. Now he is not trying to change reality to fit him because that is nonsense. The whole cannot fit to the part, and the whole cannot in any way follow the part; the part has to follow the whole.

My hand has to follow my organic body, my whole body; my body cannot follow the hand, it is impossible. The part is minute, atomic. Who are you before this vast reality? How are you going to adjust this reality to you?

This is the ego which says, “Go on making effort - some day or other reality will have to adjust to you.” Then you become burdened with anxiety, because this is not going to happen. This cannot happen in the very nature of things: a drop trying to change the ocean, a drop trying to influence the ocean according to his ideas?

What is your mind? Not even a drop in this vast ocean! And what are you trying? - you are trying to make reality follow you. Truth should become a shadow to you. This is the foolishness of all worldly men, all those who think they are materialists.

Then what is a religious man, what is a religious mind? A religious man is one who comes to understand that this is absolutely impossible, you are knocking against an impossible wall. The door is not possible there - you will only be hurt, you will only be in anguish, you will only feel frustrated, you will only become a failure. Nothing else is possible. That happens to every ego in the end. Wounded, hurt, frustrated, worried - this happens to every ego in the end. Ego suffers, ego is always crucified - crucified because of its own foolishness.

When understanding dawns, when you can look and see the fact that you are just a part, an infinitely small part of an infinitely vast universe, you simply don’t try to be foolish. You stop fooling around. Rather, on the contrary, you start a new journey: you try to adjust yourself to reality. When you start trying to adjust yourself to reality, by and by dreaming stops - because this is possible, this is the only possibility that can happen, and it happens. When it happens, dreaming stops.

When you are trying to change reality according to you, you will become a thinker, because you will have to devise means and ways, artifices, to force reality to adjust to you. You may become a great scientist, you may become a great mathematician, a great philosopher, but you will be in anxiety and anguish.

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