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Chapter 6: You Transcend Duality

For nine months the child is in the mother’s womb; the womb is not empty. Of course you can’t see the child, but the child is growing. In fact, it is better that nobody can see the child, because seeing the child may hinder its growth; it may be a deep interference.

Hence all things grow in darkness. Roots grow in darkness, seeds grow in darkness, children grow in darkness. In fact, everything grows in darkness, underground, hidden; nobody can see it, it is not visible, nobody even knows what is growing underneath the ground. And then one day suddenly the sprouts are there, but they were prepared by the silence. And the spring comes and there are flowers, but they were prepared by the phase that preceded it. One day the child is born - if the womb is empty, from where can the child come?

So don’t call the silence empty. It looks empty to you because of a lingering shadow of the ego. It is dying, but dying very slowly. That too is perfectly okay! - there is no hurry. And if you do it in a hurry it may come back. In a hurry it will be only patchwork. In a hurry you may hide it somewhere but sooner or later it will find its way back again - if not from the front door, then from the back door; in some subtle way it may come in. It is better to let it die slowly, with deep understanding, so nothing is left of it.

It is because of the ego that the silence seems to be empty. It is because of the ego that you feel that all the colors of my creativity fade away. Once the ego is gone, it will be the same scene but your interpretation will be different. Then you will not say all the colors fade away. You will say: all the colors mingle and merge into one color, and that is white. Then you will see the beauty of whiteness.

White is not a color, it is the synthesis of all the colors. It represents purity, innocence, egolessness. You will see it as tremendous whiteness, snow-white, and you will be able to decipher all the colors in it - of course now in a latent form, a silent form, sleeping resting. When all the colors rest in the womb of existence they become white. They don’t fade away, they only go to rest. It is seed-time.

Every tree comes out of a seed and one day disappears again into seeds. It will come back - those seeds are carrying the whole program. All the leaves - their structure, their pattern, their gestalt - all the branches, all the flowers, are hidden in the seeds, small seeds. But to see into the seed you need tremendous clarity, and the ego does not allow that clarity. Ego is contaminating, polluting your vision.

You say: “The dance loses its passion.” When the ego is gone you will not see it in that way. You will see the dance loses the dancer, not its passion. And when there is no dancer, the passion is not tiring the passion is no longer exhausting. It has intensity, but now the fire no longer burns - it only gives light. It is the same fire, but now it gives light.

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