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Chapter 24: Around Me.Something Happens

You have described very accurately each step a disciple has to go through. This is the most important conclusion: that there is no question of just being a disciple, it is always becoming. You cannot come to a full stop; the journey is endless, and this is the beauty of the journey. From being to becoming is a tremendous quantum leap.

If you look around in life, you will never find being anywhere; you will always find becoming. The fallacy of being is created by language, it is the poverty of language.

You see a roseflower.you see it and you say, “What a beautiful flower.” But the flower is continuously flowering, it is never in a state of stopping anywhere. The tree is continuously growing; the word tree is not right. In existence there are no nouns, there are only verbs. It will be very difficult to make a language only with verbs, but the truth is, existence has no nouns. A tree is in fact treeing, a river in fact is rivering.

You are growing each moment - either growing old, the ordinary way of the world; or growing up, the way of my people. Growing old, you have not to do anything - you will grow old, biology will take care of it. Growing up means a conscious alertness - so that the body goes on growing old, but your consciousness goes on growing upwards, growing up. But it is always growing; even in death a conscious being is growing.

The whole existence is a great verb, not a noun - not a stone, but a flower. And there is no end anywhere, because there has never been any beginning. The very idea of beginning and end is just our mind projection. Otherwise we are always in the middle - never at the beginning, never at the end, always in the middle - and we will remain always in the middle.

Gautam Buddha loved to say, “My path is the middle path, majjhim nikai” - there is no beginning, no end. We are always in the middle, growing eternally, flowering, blossoming, finding new spaces.

You are blessed to have felt the change from being a disciple to becoming a disciple. Becoming is a higher stage. In language it is not so, in existence it is so.