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Chapter 13: Growing Your Own Consciousness

The problem is that the forces that we created to keep man from falling apart into chaos are now so powerful that they don’t want to leave you free to grow - because if you are capable of growing, becoming an individual, alert, aware and conscious, there will be no need of all these people. They will lose all their jobs, and with their jobs, their prestige, their power, their leadership, their priesthood, their popehood - everything will be gone. So now those who were in the beginning needed for protection, have turned into the enemies of humanity.

My approach is not to fight against these people, because they are powerful, they have armies, they have money, they have everything. You cannot fight with them, you will be destroyed. The only way out of this mess is to silently start growing your own consciousness, which they cannot prevent by any force. In fact they cannot even know what is going on inside you.

I give you the alchemy of inner transformation.

Change your inner being. And the moment you are changed, completely transformed, you will suddenly see you are out of the imprisonment, you are no longer a slave. You were a slave because of your chaoticness.

It happened in the Russian revolution.

The day the revolution succeeded, one woman started walking in Moscow in the middle of the road. The policeman said, “This is not right. You cannot walk in the middle of the road.”

The woman said, “Now we are free.”

Even if you are free, you will have to follow the rules of traffic; otherwise traffic will become impossible. If cars and people are running everywhere they want, turning wherever they want, don’t take any note of the lights, people will be simply getting into accidents, being killed.

This will bring the army in, to enforce the law that you have to walk to the right or to the left, whichever is chosen by the country - but nobody can walk in the middle. Then at the point of a gun, you have to follow.I always remember that woman; she is very symbolic.

Freedom does not mean chaos.

Freedom means more responsibility, so much responsibility that nobody need interfere in your life. That you have to be left alone, that the government need not interfere with you, that the police need not interfere with you, that the law has nothing to do with you - you are simply out of their world.

This is my approach if you really want to transform humanity: each individual should start growing on his own. And in fact a crowd is not needed for growth. Growth is something like a child growing in a mother’s womb: no crowd is needed; the mother has just to be careful.

A new man has to be born in you.

You have to become the womb of a new man.

Nobody will come to know about it, and it is better that nobody knows about it. You simply go on doing your ordinary work, living in the ordinary world, being simple and ordinary - not becoming revolutionaries, reactionaries, punks and skinheads. That is not going to help. That is sheer stupidity. It is out of frustration, but still it is insane. The society is insane and out of frustration you become insane.

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