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Chapter 25: Cut the Roots of Guilt

“And who knows? - you may again get caught with some Leadbeater, because homosexuals are growing fast. So in your next life you will be born in a society with homosexuality, lesbianism, AIDS.. It is good to get enlightened in this life and be finished!”

Give him the challenge. Tell him that I am ready to discuss openly here whatever he wants to discuss.

It is not a criticism of me when he says that all these things are unimportant and nonsensical. This is a beautiful compliment to me because this is what I am saying. All these things are unimportant and nonsensical. He thinks he is criticizing me!

I have worked in such a way that nobody can criticize me, because I have not exploited anybody, I have not enslaved anybody, I have not indoctrinated anybody, I have not converted anybody. I had started my journey alone. And people started coming and joining me and the caravan became bigger and bigger. Now it is all around the earth. And it is going to become bigger and bigger.

But nobody is my follower. Nobody is going to be my successor. Each sannyasin is my representative. When I am dead, you all - individually - will have to represent me to the world. There is not going to be any pope. There is not going to be any shankaracharya. Each sannyasin, in his own capacity, has to represent me.

This has never happened - but it is going to happen! You are all my successors.

When I am dead, that simply means I have left this body and entered all the bodies of my people.

I will be within you.

I will be part of you.

I am trembling from head to toe. My heart is throbbing and my belly burning. Osho, I am on fire! Wow, oh wow!

Just great!

But this is not a question. And I know who is asking it, because I have been seeing smoke arising, flames.. Just inform the fire department! It is none of my business. Either you go to the fire department, Maitri, or inform the fire department to come here and cool you down. Okay?