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Chapter 8: The Head Is Compulsory, but Not the Cap

I said, “It is not so easy. You have to stop shaving; otherwise I will continue coming every day, knocking on the door, waiting for the answer.”

He said, “My God! I am giving you the scholarship, which really should not be given to you because you don’t belong to this university - you are coming from another university, and according to our rules, the first preference will be for a graduate of this university. I am not bothering about the rule; I am giving you the scholarship because I simply want you to stop knocking on my door.”

I said, “You can keep your scholarship and you can give it to anybody you want, but you will have to stop shaving.”

He said, “Don’t be so hard on an old man - because what will people say? Don’t make me a laughingstock!”

I said, “You will become a laughingstock if you don’t listen to me, because then I am going to tell everybody the whole story of what has been happening in these four days.”

And you will not believe it: he gave me the scholarship, and he started growing the beard! The whole university was surprised, because he was very fussy about his clothes, and about shaving - he had been in Oxford, a professor of history, head of the department of history there. Everybody started asking him, “What has happened?”

He said, “Nothing has happened. I just came to realize that I was doing something wrong, because I cannot give any reason. This young man has made me aware that you should live your life rationally. I have been an imitator, I have been very obedient to the surroundings. Nobody has told me - I have been obedient on my own. But because I don’t have any reason, I will let my beard grow. And this young man seems to be right, that if women start growing beards, mustaches.”

It is not very difficult. There are hormones which can be injected and they will start growing beards. Do you think it will be a beautiful world, where men are shaving beards and women are growing beards? A woman with a beard will freak out anybody! And the same happens with the man; just the women are very patient, very tolerant. They even tolerate people without beards. No man can tolerate his wife with a beard, I tell you; it is absolutely certain. Either he will throw her out, or he will hang himself! But millions of women are tolerating beardless men.

Nature never does anything without any reason. I have tried to look at people without beards. It seems something is missing in the man. Just look at Milarepa! When I first saw him here I was so shocked. He was looking so beautiful with a beard and now he is looking simply idiotic! He has lost all his grandeur.

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