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Chapter 17: Playing a Part in the Movie

“Excuse me, rabbi, but is it true that men of your faith may not eat pork?” “Yes, Father, you are right,” replies the rabbi. “And tell me, between priests, confidentially, have you ever tasted it?” “Well, as a matter of fact, a long time ago, I did taste some bacon.” “And did you like it?” asked the priest. “Yes, I must admit, I did.”

A little while later, the rabbi leans forward, “Excuse me, Father, but is it true that priests are not allowed to have any sexual relationship with a woman?” “Yes, rabbi,” the priest replied, “You are quite right. It is forbidden to us.” “And tell me, between priests, have you ever indulged?” asked the rabbi. “Well, as it happens, no, I have not.”

“Hmm, pity,” says the rabbi, “it is better than pork.”

The second joke: Moses arrives at the Red Sea with the Israelites. The pharaoh and his army are in hot pursuit. He calls his public relations office, “Abe, where are the boats? You schmuck! Where are the boats?” Moses screams.

Abe says, “Boats? Who said anything about boats?”

“I need boats to cross the water, you idiot! What do you expect me to do - part the water and walk through it?”

“Hey, Moses baby, now you are talking! If you do that, I will get you two whole pages in The Holy Bible.”

A long, long history of troubles, tragedies, torture that seems to be unending, has created a tremendous amount of jokes, but those jokes are just to hide the tears.

Friedrich Nietzsche is right when he says, “Whenever I laugh, you can be certain that I am hiding my tears. If I don’t laugh, I may start crying.”

Entertainment goes on growing in the world, because misery goes on growing. You need more and more new kinds of entertainment. Ordinary movies won’t do - they are only for common masses. Those who are rich have special kinds of movies called blue movies. They are very respectable people, honored by the society, but in their homes they are seeing blue movies, which are nothing but sexual orgies. They are created only for the rich who can have a small theater in their own house, a private theater, where they can invite their friends. But that too makes me feel that they are in a more tense and anguished state than the ordinary common masses.

The common masses may be poor, they may not have enough food, they may not have enough clothes, they may not have good houses; they may even be sleeping on the streets, they may be beggars.but for centuries it has been known that beggars sleep better than emperors, although the emperor has the best facilities for sleep.

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