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Chapter 6: Wolves in a Sheep’s Skin

Strange.but even the untouchables enjoyed the word, the change of the word. It gave them a great consolation that they are the chosen people of God. It does not take away your poverty, it does not give you food, it does not give you any dignity, but just the change of the name..

It happened a few years before..

There is a certain animal in the Himalayas which looks like a cow, but it is not a cow. Its color is bluish, so it is called the “blue cow.” For centuries that has been its name. It is not a cow - it is a wild, ferocious animal, and it comes down from the Himalayas and destroys whole crops in North India. And it has been growing in population, just like the Indians are growing.

A time came that the population of these blue cows grew so big that the parliament had to decide to do something, otherwise on the one hand there is a population explosion of human beings and on the other hand this animal goes on destroying the crops. But Hindus were absolutely against it because of the name, “blue cow.” They are worshippers of the cow. So there was great agitation all over India, “You cannot kill or shoot the blue cows.”

And in this way you can understand how cunning politicians are. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the grandfather of Rajiv Gandhi, changed the name. He proposed to the parliament that “We have to kill these blue horses.” Instead of neelgaay, blue cow, he called them neelghora, blue horses.

And no Hindu protested! They were shot in the thousands and thousands, almost their whole race was finished. They don’t come anymore to North India. And not a single Hindu, not even this mad Shankaracharya of Puri, could understand a simple strategy of the politicians. When they were blue cows, the whole of India was in an uproar. When they became blue horses, who cares? And they are the same people!

Gandhi promised that he would make the first president of India a woman, and not only a woman but an untouchable woman. But when India became independent, he completely forgot the promise. And he is worshipped, not only in India but outside India, as a great man of truth - just because he has written his autobiography and titled it, An Experiment With Truth. But he was continuously lying to his own people.

The first president of India, and the first prime minister of India.all were high-caste people. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was a brahmin, and the brahmins have been ruling this country for centuries. Again the rule goes to the brahmin priests. And the miracle of the name..

Rajiv Gandhi is not a Hindu, but nobody has said it.

I have to say it: Rajiv Gandhi is a crossbreed. His father, Feroze Gandhi, was a Parsi; and his mother, Indira Gandhi, was a Hindu. But the name - Gandhi - gives the feeling as if he is Hindu, because Mahatma Gandhi was Hindu. So people think..

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