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Chapter 4: The Fear of Freedom

Sometimes you may behave like an animal, if you go on horizontally, and sometimes you may just vegetate, and sometimes you may just be dead matter, but never a man. So look deep down inside your life. It has not taken the vertical thrust. Then what are you doing? Think about every act, and then you can know that this act belongs to the animal world, that act belongs to the vegetable kingdom.. Consider your activity, your life, and then you will know. Something is just like dead matter, something is just like a vegetable growing, something is just like animals. Where is the man?

With the upward thrust, man comes into existence - and that is up to you. Conscious evolution is now going to be the only evolution. That’s why religion will become more and more significant every day. Every day, every moment, religion will become more and more significant, because now scientists feel that there seems to be no movement.

Of course, horizontally there is no movement. You cannot progress any further; everything has stopped. So science goes on just adding to your senses. Your eyes have stopped, so now you can use instruments to see. Your brain has stopped, so now you can use computers. Your legs have stopped, so now you can use cars. Whatsoever science is giving is just additional instruments for a growth that has stopped. Man is not growing, only new instruments are growing.

Every instrument, of course, increases your power, but you don’t grow through it. Rather, on the contrary, cars have added much in speed, but they have destroyed your legs. This is unfortunate, but this is going to happen. If computers replace man’s mind - and they will replace it because man’s mind is not so efficient as a computer can be - if computers replace man’s mind they will do much, but ultimately they will destroy your mind, because whatsoever is not used is destroyed.

So science feels now that whatsoever is being done is just giving a false notion of evolution. If we go back to the past, the highest speed was horse-speed, twenty-five miles per hour. Now we have come to two thousand miles per hour speed. Speed has evolved from twenty-five miles per hour to two thousand miles per hour. Not man, but speed has evolved. Not man - man remains the same. Rather, on the contrary, he has regressed, because a man riding a horse is a stronger man than a man flying in an aircraft. Speed has progressed, evolved, and man has regressed.

A certain group of scientists thinks that man is regressing, not evolving. It may be so, because in life you can never be static. If you are not evolving, you will regress. There is no static moment in life; you cannot remain at one point. You cannot say, “If I am not growing, then I will remain whatsoever I am. I will maintain the status quo.” You cannot maintain it. Either you go further or you fall back down.

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