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Chapter 4: Slipping Lazily into Divinity

So I am all for the real, for that which is. And whatsoever you are, I would like you to accept it with great gratitude, and enjoy, and celebrate that you are. Don’t ask for the impossible. By asking the impossible you miss the possible too. I say: Live the possible. And by living the possible, one day the impossible is simply attained with no effort.

If you think of the impossible you miss the possible, because your energy starts moving towards the impossible. If you don’t think of the impossible at all, if you have nothing to think of at all, if you live the possible - a simple, natural, innocent life - how can the impossible escape you? Your whole energy moves into the present. And to be in the present is to be at the door of God. Your whole energy goes on knocking at the door.one day or other, like a flood you enter the divine. And the impossible becomes possible.

My idea of a real authentic man or woman is that of a natural being. Simple, not complicated. Complication comes from ideals. Innocent. And don’t make innocence an ideal - remember, I am not talking about ideals. I am simply saying: Be like a child or like an animal, like the trees and the rocks.

And remember, I have to use a language which is very much polluted. So please don’t misunderstand me. When I am saying be natural, don’t create an ideal immediately in your mind - “So now I have to be natural.” “Have to be”? - you missed. You got hooked by the old language. I have to use language, so I say: Be like the trees - but I am not saying to go and stand outside in the garden and become a tree. Otherwise, again you have created an ideal. And again you will look.the leaves are not growing! So you start feeling guilty. And one never knows - one day suddenly you see leaves are growing. Then you become very egoistic. Then whosoever has no leaves growing is a sinner, destined to be thrown into hellfire. And you are going directly to heaven - you are growing leaves.

Look! Either way you will be in trouble. If you don’t grow leaves you will be in trouble, if you grow leaves you will be in trouble. Either way you will be in hell. If you don’t grow leaves you feel guilty, frustrated - again and again you open your eyes, and they are not growing yet. Or, one day - and miracles happen, remember - suddenly you see leaves are growing. Maybe they are not growing, you have simply imagined. For long you have been standing there, year in, year out, just thinking of one thing - how to grow leaves, you have to become a tree. And naturally, mind, by and by and by and by, becomes auto-hypnotized. A suggestion, continuous suggestion.by and by you start imagining things. One day you see leaves are growing. You have gone mad - the miracle has happened! Again you are in hell, because now you are mad.

Your saints are mad people. And your sinners are suffering because of these mad people. These mad people are the idealists. If you enjoy your food, there are people who will condemn. Mahatma Gandhi condemns - he preaches aswad, no taste. Now if you are tasting you are a sinner. Such a simple joy as taste is condemned. If you are in love with your woman you are a sinner. Down the ages, your mad saints have been condemning love. If you love your child you are a sinner.

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