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Chapter 6: The Birth of the New

And what are you going to do? Even if you learn levitation, how is it going to help your growth? In the first place, don’t be foolish, don’t be deceived. In the second place, for the argument’s sake if it is accepted that you have learned levitating, that you can rise four feet high above the earth, what are you going to do? Why bother? You can sit in a chair four feet high! and enjoy it! Even if you are four feet high without the chair, how does it help spiritual growth? Even if you can fly like a crow..

Chetna has asked me, “Osho, do you come sometimes in the form of a crow flying?” She must be reading Carlos Castaneda. Now, don’t be victims of spiritual fiction. But your mind feels very good with these things, you start feeling something is happening - you can levitate, you can walk on water, you can fly like a crow. But you will be you! - the same stupid person. Nothing will have changed. You won’t become more intelligent by flying like a crow - otherwise all crows would have been enlightened. And by levitation, you will not become a buddha.

Do the real thing; don’t go after toys. People go on getting involved with toys their whole life.

A man came to Ramakrishna and he said, “I can walk on the Ganges.”

Ramakrishna asked seriously, “How long did it take for you to walk on the Ganges?”

The man said, “Eighteen years. I had to work hard with a Himalayan master in Tibet.”

Ramakrishna said, “But it puzzles me - because whenever I want to go, just one paisa to the ferry man and he takes me to the other side. Eighteen years? Worth one paisa! It puzzles me - are you stupid or mad or something?”

Remember, only one thing is going to help you: awareness - nothing else. Growth will remain painful if you don’t accept life in all its ups and downs. The summer has to be accepted and the winter too.

This is what I call meditation. Meditation is when you are emptied of all that is old and told and done to death. Then you see.or rather, then there is seeing: the birth of the new. But you will have to go through many pains, many agonies. It is because you have lived in a certain society, in a certain culture - Hindu, Mohammedan, Christian, Indian, German, Japanese. These are different ways of avoiding pain, and nothing else. You have been part of a culture, that’s why growth is painful - because culture tries to make you not grow; it wants you to remain juvenile. It does not allow you to move psychologically as you move physiologically.

In the first world war, and then again in the second world war, psychologists became aware of a very strange fact - that man’s average mental age is not more than twelve or thirteen. Even the man who is seventy, his mental age is somewhere between ten and thirteen. What does it mean? It simply means he stopped growing at ten; the body continued, but the mind stopped.

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