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Chapter 3: Life: The Greatest Gift

Man is the only animal in existence who has the capacity to evolve. Charles Darwin says that monkeys have evolved and become men. I don’t agree with him, I can’t agree with him. Not that I have anything against the monkeys - they are good people! - but if what he says is true, then why have not all the monkeys become men? For millions of years monkeys have remained monkeys. Why are they not growing? They should have taken at least a few preliminary steps by now, but they are exactly the same as they have always been.

You can find proofs for Charles Darwin’s theory only if you watch the politicians. Then one suspects he may be right - otherwise not! Otherwise, monkeys have remained monkeys. And the people who have been following Darwin and trying to prove his theory have been coming across great, unbridgeable gaps. The greatest is, they have not yet found the missing link - because between monkey and man there must have been a few links. There is a great distance between monkey and man. Where are the missing steps? Not even a single proof has been found yet.except Idi Amin of Uganda!

In fact, Darwin’s whole theory is only a guess; it is not yet scientifically valid. And spiritually it is never going to be valid, because those who have known man’s spiritual growth have come decisively to this conclusion: that man is a different being altogether from any other being on the earth. He is an evolving animal. No other animal evolves; they remain the same. They are very conformist: they don’t go beyond their heredity. They never cross the limit of what is allowed by their instincts; they never do anything beyond the instinctive, beyond the unconscious.

It is only man who has been able to produce a Buddha, a Lao Tzu, a Jesus, a Bahauddin. It is because of the buddhas that we can say man has the capacity to be a god. It is in the buddhas that we have found the link between man and God. Darwin and his followers have not been able to find the link between monkeys and man, but we have found in the buddhas the link between man and God. Man has an infinite potential.

But then you cannot live an easy life. You cannot just be a Rotarian or a Lion. You can’t be just a Hindu or a Mohammedan. You can’t go on following the crowds. Crowds behave instinctively; they don’t know anything of the beyond. Their life is easy. If you are part of them your life will also be easy, but there will be no growth. And growth is all that matters.

The only thing that matters in life is growth. Unless you are moving to the ultimate peak of becoming a god you are wasting a tremendously pregnant opportunity.

Buddha says:

Life is easy
for the man who is without shame.

This Buddhist idea of shame has to be understood in contrast with the Christian idea of guilt. In the dictionaries they seem to be synonymous; they are not. Shame is a totally different phenomenon.

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