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Chapter 1: Cooperate with Love

No, there is nothing one can do, nor is there any need to do anything. The only thing to remember is to allow, and that is more like non-doing than doing. All that is beautiful happens and cannot be done, but you have to allow it to happen, because you can prevent it.

All doing is, in a certain way, creating barriers. For reality to happen there is no need to do anything. You were born, yet you didn’t do anything for it. Such a tremendous phenomenon like birth has happened - without any doing on your part. You grew up - yet you have done nothing; rather, growth happened.

Now you have fallen in love, but have you done anything? That’s why we use the expression “falling in love,” because you cannot do it, you simply fall! You can resist, you can manage not to fall. You can become stubborn, hard and rigid, and then you will not fall in love. But when you fall in love you do nothing. You simply allow yourself to be possessed, to be taken over. Birth happens, growth happens, love happens, and one day death will happen. All this just happens, and you cannot do anything about it.

Simply cooperate with the process that is going on. For example, you are in love now, so cooperate with love. I don’t see many people cooperating with love. Rather, love becomes a conflict and lovers become enemies. They go on fighting and manipulating and trying to control, for such small things - and it is all nonsense!

Lovers should cooperate, and their energies should become one. Even with this much conflict, somehow moments of bliss come to lovers, so just imagine what would happen if you cooperated. Just imagine if there is no conflict, and a deep harmony settles so that two have become one and boundaries have become diffused and blurred. You cannot see where you end and where your lover starts. You are penetrating each other so deeply that you don’t know which territory is which, or who is who. There are moments in deep love when the woman becomes the man and the man becomes the woman.

If that harmony happens then the open sky is eternally available. Then it is not just a glimpse; rather it becomes a state of being for you. We are missing so much unnecessarily, and there is no need to miss it. Only a deep understanding is needed.

Sometimes I find that I really experience what you are saying now, but sometimes when we are together I become aware of this fear mechanism coming up, with its tricks to cut.you know.this mind-thing cuts off..

Mm, it is natural in the beginning, but just remain alert that you are not cooperating with the mind-thing. If you have to fight, fight with your mind, and if you have to cooperate, cooperate with your heart.

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