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Chapter 9: Thou Hast Reaped

These are experimental conclusions. There are now mechanical recording devices that can record whether you are sad or happy, whether you are depressed, whether you are angry, whether you are sexual, because with every emotion, a different electrical wave is released from your mind. That electrical wave can be recorded.

But this has been a very strange conclusion: that the same wave is recorded from the tree. You are dancing under a tree, happy. Your mind will give an indication that you are happy and it will be recorded. If the device is also connected to the tree, the tree records the same wave. So, Pushkin says that if you are dancing under a tree, very happy, the tree shares it. It is happy with you.

And if a tree can share it, why not birds? They are more alive. Why not animals? They are still more alive. And why not the whole of existence? Sooner or later we will find that even stones share. Their soul may be hidden very deep, but it is there, and one day we are going to find instruments that will give us indications that even a stone, a rock, has emotions.

So wherever you are, whenever you feel that some ecstatic emotion has happened to you, dance to its tune, sing to its tune, and share your happiness in whatsoever way happens to you, in whatsoever way you feel to share it. But share it! It will grow. With sharing, it grows. With miserliness - with not sharing - it dies away, it shrinks.

Death is shrinkage. Shrinking is death; life is expansion. Allow it to expand. And once you know the feeling of expansion you will follow, because it is your own innermost self dictating.

Thou who art now a disciple, able to stand, able to hear, able to see, able to speak, who hast conquered desire and attained to self-knowledge, who hast seen thy soul in its bloom and recognized it, and heard the voice of the silence, go thou to the hall of learning and read what is written there for thee..

To hear the voice of the silence is to understand that from within comes the only true guidance; to go to the hall of learning is to enter the state in which learning becomes possible. Then will many words be written there for thee, and written in fiery letters for thee easily to read. For when the disciple is ready the master is ready also.

To hear the voice of silence is to understand that from within comes the only true guidance. When you are silent, really silent after the storm has passed, when you have fallen into silence spontaneously - you have not cultivated it; it has come to you, it has arisen spontaneously in you. In this silence you will come to feel and understand and realize that now the true guidance is possible from your own innermost being. Now the master, the inner master will appear to you.

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