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Chapter 1: The Divine Is You

Mumuksha, the longing for liberation, is a search to be. And when one wants to be, one has to put oneself at stake. This is why I say religion is a gambler’s affair.

I will say only that which I know, which I have lived. If you agree to put all at stake, whatever is my experience can also be-come yours. Experiences do not belong to anyone; whosoever is ready to receive them, they come to him. Nobody has any right over the truth, whosoever is willing to disappear inherits it. Truth belongs to one who shows the readiness to ask for it - who opens the doors of his heart and calls for it.

This is why I have chosen this Upanishad. This Upanishad is a direct encounter with spirituality. There are no siddhants, doctrines, in it; in it there are only experiences of siddhas, the fulfilled ones. In it there is no discussion of that which is born out of curiosity or inquisitiveness, no; in it there are hints to those who are full of longing for liberation by those who already have attained liberation.

There are some people who have not attained, yet they are unable to drop the enjoyment of guiding others. Giving guidance is a very enjoyable thing. In the whole world, the thing that is given the most is guidance, and the thing least accepted is also guidance. Everybody gives, nobody takes.

Whenever you have an opportunity to give advice to someone you do not miss it. It is not necessary that you are capable of providing this advice; it is not necessary that whatever you are saying is your knowing at all, but when it comes to giving advice, the temptation or the joy of being a teacher is very difficult to overcome.

What is the joy in being a teacher? You suddenly, free of cost, are on the upper side and the other is on the lower side. If someone comes to you for a donation, how difficult you find it even to give a penny! The difficulty is that you have to give something from what you have. But in giving guidance you have no difficulty, because what difficulty can there be in giving what you do not have? You are losing nothing. On the contrary, you are gaining something: you are gaining joy, you are gaining ego-enhancement. Today you are in a position to guide, and the other is at the receiving end. You are on the top, the other is below.

This is why I say that, in this Upanishad, there is no pleasure of giving any advice or guidance; rather there is great pain, because what the seer of this Upanishad is giving, he is giving after knowing it. He is sharing something very intimate, very inner.

The hints are brief but deep. The hits are very few, but deadly. And, if you are willing, the arrow will pierce your heart directly and will not leave you alive. It will kill you. Therefore, be aware and be alert, because this very business is a dangerous one. You will have to lose what you think you are. In it, there is no way of achieving without losing yourself. Here only those who lose are the achievers.

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