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Chapter 5: Successful Criminals and Cowardly Politicians

But this kind of thing is not expected of a man of integrity. This is simply cheating.

These are “religious” people. Indira used to go for spiritual guidance to Vinoba Bhave. I told Indira Gandhi - I had told her this story - “This is spiritual guidance? You are also a widow; when you are no longer a prime minister go into his ashram.”

But Vinoba died before Indira, and then she died, so the chance never came; otherwise she would have ended up in Vinoba Bhave’s ashram of widows.

And I asked her: “What do you say? Is this a man who has some sense of being truthful? And if Raikva could not give guidance, I say to you this Vinoba also cannot give you any guidance.” Misguidance perhaps..

We have never heard what happened to the king, what spiritual growth he obtained; the Indian spiritual history remembers nothing of the king. But it is natural, because whatever advice this idiot must have given could not be called spiritual - this man was not spiritual.

But this is how religious leaders and political leaders.. They are all made of the same stuff, the same holy cow-dung. I don’t see any difference, except superficial differences about which there is no need to talk.