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Chapter 25: Cut the Roots of Guilt

And once guilt is created in your psychology, religion offers you solace: “Blessed are those who mourn, because they shall be comforted.” First create the mourning and then comfort.

I have heard of two brothers who had a business. They were partners in it, but their work was different. One brother would go into a city in the night and throw coal tar on people’s doors, walls, glasses, windows; whatever he could manage, he would paint it with coal tar. And next day the other brother would come into the town, shouting loudly, “Does anybody want coal tar removed?” It was a good business! His partner had done the basic groundwork.

Everybody would rush to the man, “Come to our house. All our windows, all our doors are destroyed. Who has done it we don’t know, but that is not the point. Clean it off.”

While he was cleaning in one city, the other brother was doing the basic work in another city. They were partners - whatever the brother got who was cleaning was divided half and half - and they were doing great business.

Religion first creates guilt.

That is absolutely necessary for the existence of religion. A person who is not guilty takes no note of religion.

A man like me has nothing to do with religion.

It cannot offer me anything.

I don’t have any guilt, I have never repented for doing anything.

Whatsoever I have done I have done with my total being. I have not left a small corner in me which was condemning it while I was doing it, because that condemning part will become my guilt.

Christianity has used this more than any other religion; naturally, Christianity is the biggest religion in the world. It has functioned very scientifically. It does not allow you even to keep your guilt to yourself - particularly the Catholics, who are the original Christians. You have to confess to the priest, you should not keep your guilt to yourself.

Why this confession to the priest? The strategy is complex. They say if you confess it to the priest, you are relieved of it. Now it is the priest’s responsibility to persuade God to forgive you. You are forgiven - but the other side of this is all bogus. The priest knows no God, knows no way to persuade him. But he becomes aware of everybody’s crimes, sins - rape, theft, homosexuality, AIDS. He becomes aware of everything - that is his power over you. You cannot leave the Catholic religion.

You can leave Hinduism very easily; there is no problem because the Hindu priest knows nothing about you. But the Catholic priest has a whole file against you, he can expose you. He can inform the government, he can inform the authorities, he can inform the medical board that “This man has AIDS.”

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