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Chapter 9: My Empire Consists Only of Emperors

So first you have to drop all the yesterdays. The past is dead. And I am dying every moment to the past so that I can live in the present. You cannot do both things together - living in the past and living - it is not possible. Existence gives you only one moment at a time. Either you can waste it in remembering the past or you can waste it in fantasizing about the future or you can live it now.

My most emphatic thing is that now is the only reality there is. Past is no more, future not yet.

But your question must be troubling you. I have to tell you the truth. First, homosexuality and lesbianism are both against nature. I have in the past not said it so clearly for a simple reason: not to hurt many gay people who are around me. I don’t want to hurt my people. Just to avoid wounding them, I can lie. That is not a problem, because my experience of truth is far above any lies: no lies can disturb it.

So I have been either silent or telling you that whatsoever you are - homosexual, a lesbian - accept it, don’t condemn it. I never want to create any guilt feelings in anybody, particularly my people. I want them to be completely guiltless, because all other religions have done just the opposite. They have created guilt in you, and through guilt they have enslaved you, because when you are guilty you want to be freed, saved from the guilt. The messiah, the savior is needed. His agents go on creating guilt in you and then he comes to save you.

I am not a savior. Nobody has ever been a savior, that is all hocus-pocus. All that I can do is not to make you feel guilty. That’s why either I have been silent, or I have told you to accept.

I can lie for you. My love is enough to make me capable of lying for you. And it does not make any difference to me - I am beyond it. So once in a while I have even appreciated your homosexuality, your lesbianism-just to free you of the guilt. Homosexuality was not the point, the point was how to make you free from the guilt.

I have gone even to the extent of saying in the future the new man will be bisexual - neither heterosexual nor homosexual. A man who is heterosexual has a limitation: he cannot be homosexual. The man who is homosexual has a limitation: he does not feel any attraction to women. The bisexual man is one who has no limitation. He can be in love with a man, he can be in love with a woman.

Yes, I had gone even to that extent, knowing perfectly that it was a lie. But how to make you guilt-free? I have made statements as if homosexuality and lesbianism are progressive steps: the people who are not homosexual are still lagging far behind those who have entered the gay world. But all these are lies, used to erase your guilt from you. But how long can I go on lying to you? One day or other I have to tell you the truth: otherwise I might not have told it at all.

AIDS is the ultimate development of homosexuality, and it has no cure. You have gone so far away from nature that there is no way back, you have broken all the bridges behind you. That’s the disease AIDS.

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